IE7 Address bar and menu bar not visible??

By sam.suren ·
I was using IE6 since long.. then i thought of upgrading IE and installed IE8 beta 1. The browser by default had no address bar or menu bar being shown into it, but by clicking "Emulate IE7" you can use it much like IE7- in my case the "IE7 emulate" button was also grayed.. So finally i resolved to use IE7. Hence Uninstalled IE8-restart-IE7 install - restart.. bt the new installed browser also did not have any address bar or menu bar...!! So finally rolled back to IE6..which by luck has the add. bar and menu bar. I guess this is a registry entry problem, and tried solving..-all in vein. THIS IS SURELY A BUG IN IE8 !! Please help me out.. Thanks a ton!!

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You can't complain about a bug, in a Beta version!...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to IE7 Address bar and menu ...

YOU installed a Beta version of IE, you had a problem with it.

End of story.

Get a dictionary and check the meaning of BETA.

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i need SOLUTION n not the meaning of beta.... THX

by sam.suren In reply to You can't complain about ...

I was looking for a solution to this.. Bugs will BE there, bt we rader find out solutions..


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It's YOUR job if you run a beta, to report the bugs to M$ ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to i need SOLUTION n not the ...

THAT is the whole point to running with a BETA.

You can't run it then come to TR to get the answers.

By running it, you are officially a 'Beta-Tester'. So, go on and do it! Beta-Test! :)

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Report BUG.. huh..!!!

by sam.suren In reply to IE7 Address bar and menu ...

THanks all...

Take a look at to know Hoe To report BUG..!! Its really not that easy..

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Unistall all the ******** toolbars, i.e. Yahoo, Windows Live, Google and

by ComputerCookie In reply to Report BUG.. huh..!!!

what ever other crap you have.

Then go back to view and add the address, status and whatever you want to reduce the viewing size of your webpages.

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