IE7 - Cannot add sites to Trusted Sites after GPO applied

By certboy21 ·

Has anyone encounter this problem with IE7?

I have created a GPO to add a few sites into IE7 Internet Options/Security/Trusted Sites/Sites. The path in the GPO as follows: Computer Config/administrative templates/Windows Components/Internet Explorer/Internet Control Panel/Security Page/Site to Zone assignment list

After applying this GPO to a test OU which has a test PC, the sites defined by the GPO appeared under Internet Options/Security/Trusted Sites/Sites in the test PC after reboot. However, I discovered that sites cannot be manually added in as the buttons have been greyed out.

There are no other top-level GPOs to be inherited by the test PC.

Any idea if its an IE7 bug or user bug? :-)

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Cannot add to trusted sites zone

by vvenkatasamy In reply to IE7 - Cannot add sites to ...

I am having the same issue here. I have a couple of sites added via gpo to the trusted sites zone. After the IE 7 installation I find that the option to add websites to trusted sites or other zones is grayed.


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This will allow you to edit IE settings that are greyed out

by mbaig1 In reply to Cannot add to trusted sit ...

HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings

Edit REG_DWORD for the following to value of 0


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Am I doing it wrong

by chagebusch In reply to This will allow you to ed ...

My firm is having the same issue.

I added the three DWORDS mentioned above to HKLM\~\Internet Settings all with a value of 0 but I still could not add sites to zone 2.

did I do something wrong?

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by mbaig1 In reply to Am I doing it wrong

You shouldn't have to add the three DWORDS, these DWORDS are there by default with a value of 1, all you have to do is to edit the values to 0, close the IE7 browser and then open a new browser and you should be able to add sites into trusted zone. I am currently testing VISTA Enterprise server and it comes with IE7 once I modified these DWORD values I was then able to add sites and then import the zone with sites into GPO. I can email you the registry keys after modification and all you have to do is click on it.. if you can email me at

Good Luck

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Dwords do not exist on our systems

by chagebusch In reply to IE7 GPO

Thank you for your fast reply,

I did not find those three DWORDS in the location specified. This is what was confusing me. Is it possible that they may be located somewhere else? As I mentioned, I greated them in the root of HKLM\~\Internet Settings but this did not seem to have any effectl

I even created them with a value of one, rebooted, set them to zero and tried again to no avail.

Thanks again,


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by mbaig1 In reply to Dwords do not exist on ou ...

Weird. These DWORDS are there by default on every windows OS. I can export the modified registry settings into a .reg file and send it to you. If you like to email me your email address, i'll be glad to do that.. my email address is

All you would have to do is to click on the .reg file and then click on yes for it to register.


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minor spelling error

by John.Harvey In reply to This will allow you to ed ...

should be

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Cannot even see trusted sites

by carliskf In reply to IE7 - Cannot add sites to ...

I have the same problem, but on my clients IE will not even show which sites are trusted. So I have no way of knowing whether my group policy is working or not.

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IE6/7 - same problem

by michal.zyzak In reply to IE7 - Cannot add sites to ...

I have the same problem here for both versions of IE. Even on W2k3 servers with IE6

As for registry I only have Security_option_edit key. Setting it to 0 did not help.

As for GPO: I have ComputerSetting / AdmTempl / WindowsComponenets / IE /
"Do not allow users to add/remove sites" DISABLED
"Do not allow users to change securioty setting" ENABLED

When I changed the latter to DISABLED users can add trusted sites but those are not saved when the Internet Settings window is closed. Also security settings can be changed and those ARE saved.

IE and GPO just do not work well together.

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Modify the Trusted Sites in the GPO

by bbowen8 In reply to IE6/7 - same problem

It's actually safer to have the setting to not allow users to change the security setting set to ENABLED. You don't want to modify this setting just to modify Trusted Sites.

To modify Trusted Sites in a GPO, right-click to Edit the policy. Branch open User Configuration | Windows Components | Internet Explorer | Internet Control Panel | Security Page. On the "Site to zone assignment" policy, open it (double-click) and make sure it is set to ENABLED. Click the SHOW button to see the list of Trusted Sites. Click Add or Remove to add or remove trusted sites.

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