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IE7 constant Security Certificate Errors

By DoylePIrish ·
IE7 is driving me nuts. Nearly every page I visit I get a message stating the content has been blocked due to problems with a Security Certificate. I have fiddled with all the settings I can find with no luck. Even worse, it will block some pages from opening.I dug around on the Microsoft website and found an article that the standards have changed. Am I the only one having this problem?

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Re: IE7 constant Security Certificate Errors

by mekstar In reply to IE7 constant Security Cer ...

I recently started having the exact same problem. The machine this is occuring on is running Vista RC2, yet it is not just with IE7. It also happens with Firefox 2.0. I would like some help with this problem as well. I cannot seem to find a solution. Virus/AD/Spyware scans come up clean. I'm puzzled.

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IE7 constant Security Certificate Errors

by ali_imteyaaz In reply to Re: IE7 constant Security ...

1. Check system time & date. Set it right.

2. Go to Internet options > Content >Certificates > and delete any expired certificates.

3. Go to Internet Options > Advanced tab > Under Security uncheck "Check for publisher's certificate revocation"

Also try to check or uncheck " Check for Server Certificate revocation" if none of the above options work.

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by DoylePIrish In reply to IE7 constant Security Cer ...

Thank you for you help. I eventually had to reload XP due to other problems I was having also. I was getting constant page not found errors. Simply hitting refresh would clear that up. Unfortunatley, even with a new install of XP, I still run into this. Just driving me nuts.

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Afraid to delete old certificates

by vincealisa In reply to IE7 constant Security Cer ...

I went in to delete the old certificates but it gives me messages basically of 'are you sure you want to do this? The program attached to this certificate may mess it up'. not that exact wording of course, but you get my meaning.

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ie7 constane security cert erros

by Muttley01 In reply to IE7 constant Security Cer ...

omg that you so much I think you help fix the problem.


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Reponse To Answer

by trbears5 In reply to Re: IE7 constant Security ...

Google led me here in desperation today. Same infuriating security certificate error box with every website visited. Date/Time was fine. IE help says its for my own good and I can't switch it off. Followed mekstar's advice and unchecked the boxes. Solved the problem. This is Windows 7, Aol 9.1 & IE 9 though. Same old hassle!

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Certificate Errors !!!!!

by gonzomarz In reply to IE7 constant Security Cer ...

I've got it !!! finally after hours of research i found the answer to getting rid of the " certificate error" problem.... ready here it is you might want to set about an hour aside for this......
thats it yup thats it... I installed an update that messed up my time and date so thats why all of the certs were expired.... pretty cool huh.... anyways have fun...

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Not date sensitive in my case

by nkberridge In reply to Certificate Errors !!!!!

I have tried changing the date and the time. I am in France and needed to access my bank in the UK but the time and date change made no difference. I changed to Mozilla and all is fine now. I have no idea what the problem is with IE7.

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by bree79108 In reply to Certificate Errors !!!!!

OMG!! thank you soo much!!! cant believe it was that simple,i never would have found it!!! lol..thnx

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