IE7 multiple tabs

By Justdream ·
Are you using IE7? I like it too much especially the multiple tab options but??????????????
There?s a problem regarding this option, did you notice it?
When you use multiple tab pages and try to open an extra one, suddenly sometimes you will find yourself stuck with an infinity increment of tab pages without stopping 1!!!!!!
Could you advice how to recover this debug?
Thanks in advance

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Your problem is unique...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to IE7 multiple tabs

... I've never had that problem. Never heard of it.

You'll need to describe your system specs before we can begin to help.

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Might be a dodgy mouse button ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to IE7 multiple tabs

Do you ever notice difficulty selecting a clickable button within a browser page ?

If so you may have an intermittent mouse-click problem - for every time it proves difficult to CLICK, you could equally have an instance where you can't get it to STOP (without knowing!).

Just a shot in the dark ...<click!>

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by Justdream In reply to Might be a dodgy mouse bu ...

Boss, I think you are right, so what should I do?

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Well, depending on which Rodent you own ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to so

I'm saying 'Rodent' because not all users have a Mouse, some of 'em have a Hamster. Hamsters don't have tails - neither does a wireless mouse!

So depending on the breed, it'll either unscrew or prise apart. If it's any way modern, the buttons will activate microswitches that sit underneath. You have to remove the cover first.

Get hold of some Isopropyl Alcohol and some cotton buds. You'll get Isopropyl Alcohol in little bottles from any audio store (or you can ask for it in a Chemist / Drug Store).

It is good to clean things with and evaporates quickly leaving no residue.

You'll be able to spot a dodgy microswitch because if you listen carefully, it'll make a different click - like a clack (joke!). But noticeably different.

The chances of the microswitch having died beyond repair is very unlikely - these components are tested to millions of operations before being approved for use.

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by Justdream In reply to Well, depending on which ...

Sorry my friend for wasting your time, I'm using optical mouse

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I've never had this problem before, but I never directly use IE7

by Slayer_ In reply to IE7 multiple tabs

I only installed it so Windows would nativly support PNG files.

Avant is an IE shell, so its also handy for that, but I look forward to IE8. Avant is far better than IE7 in every respect, it also kicks the crap out of firefox and Opera as far as base features goes. And something neat, IE exploits actually do hit IE, not Avant, so usually you can be immune as long as you never load up IE, if you do load it up then you get infected. But it's no big deal to avoid using IE, since all IE required sites work in Avant such as windows update.

I'd probably use Chrome if it had two things changed, 1, a descriptive status bar showing everything from links, to security to zoom level to where your browsing (internet, intranet, network, ftp, etc). And if it let you move the tabs to the bottom of the window instead of being at the top like Avant can.

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