IE7 problem

By bobbygot ·
Since Microsoft automatically updated to IE7 I can no longer access any url. My wireless connections indicate they are connected and good but connection to any url fails.
How can I remove IE7 and revert back to IE6.

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by Michael Jay In reply to IE7 problem

Simply uninstall from control panel/add remove programs. Remove IE7 and you will be left with IE6.

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Try Firefox

by LOUIETR ... In reply to Uninstall

You could try Firefox ( which is a much better browser or reinstall IE7 from the microsoft website ( I doubt uninstalling it from the control panel will work.

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I doubt that he

by Michael Jay In reply to Try Firefox

can get firefox as the original post states no url can be found. Further I do not believe that reverting to ie6 will help either, sounds more like an IP problem than a browser problem.

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Same problem but got worse...

by cnwoods In reply to IE7 problem

I had the same issue when I upgraded IE6 (I use firefox mostly but the boyfriend likes IE). After attempting to reinstall, I ended up with a worse issue, since any attempt to do anything with IE at all either freezes, or in the case of an install, tells me that a previous installation has work pending a reboot (installing IE6) or goes through the process and tells me the install failed, but then in trying to remove files and restore them back pre-IE7 as the final step, it reboots, and tells me it can't find the install executable file in Documents and Settings/Owner/Local Settings/Temp. In desperation I put it into that folder, and ended up with an endless loop of restarts which I had to interrupt using recovery console and dos commands. So, I have a partial install/uninstall of IE7, nothing of IE6, and neither of them working. The troubleshooting file it created after telling me the install had failed (which was, by the way, .html, so lucky I had firefox or I couldn't have read it - how's that for intelligence!) told me that I needed to disable my antivirus and it came down to a "trust" issue. Well, antivirus was disabled, and it still didn't install, so I don't think much of their troubleshooting either.

I understand from googling the issue that I'm not the only one.

BTW If your installation failed and you don't have an option to revert back to IE6 in add/remove programs, you're stuck. I've been told you actually have to hack windows in order to completely uninstall IE, since it is a core component to windows, runs off the same thing as windows explorer uses, and hence no option to uninstall the program via control panel/windows components, you can only remove access to it.

If you find a solution (short of switching to Linux, which I'd love to do but can't for work reasons) I'd very much appreciate hearing it!


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