IE8 and internal sites connectivity problems

By jdallaire ·
My hand's been shoved into pushing out IE8 to our users. During testing, I've discovered that IE8 won't display some (not all) of our network server web apps, unless I click "Diagnose Connection Problems", and then it magically works. My best guess has to do with either permissions in IE to access the site, or the DNS server it's trying to hit is not our network DNS server.

Having users click "Diagnose Connection Problems" is NOT an option, and M$'s site for help on this is pretty much useless. The app works find in IE6, we're skipping 7 to go right to 8.

Ideas are welcome, and shooting down IE8 won't help (decision's out of my hands). Going to another browser is also not an option.



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IE8 Internal Sites

by jlouis45 In reply to IE8 and internal sites co ...

Check and see if the bypass proxy server option helps when enabled. YOu also need to mention the server address hosting these applications in exceptions under connections LAN settings by putting *.server.*. Also add the sites i.e. internal sites as your trusted sites.

Hope this works.

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Bypassing Proxy Server option

by jdallaire In reply to IE8 Internal Sites

Thanks for the idea! Today, it's working great on my test pc, but this might be a better solution for the end users, who will quickly get annoyed with refreshing the screen to log into their web app.

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one you run "Diagnose Connection Problems"

by .Martin. In reply to IE8 and internal sites co ...

does that solve the problem indefinitely, or do you need to run it again next time you open IE?

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one you run "Diagnose Connection Problems"

by jlouis45 In reply to one you run "Diagnose Con ...

The problem should resolve for good unless you restore back your browser settings to default.

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by jdallaire In reply to one you run "Diagnose Con ...

During the first 3 hours of testing, I had to either refresh the page or click the "Diagnose" button every time I logged into the site. Today, however, it's working. So, it's almost like IE8 was in learning mode, much like the McAfee/ePO firewall does on our network. I'd like to know how I can include that site in IE8 so users don't run into this initializing problem.

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by jlouis45 In reply to Sorta....

Well if you want to get rid of the refreshing all you need to do is put all that settings I told you on the server settings so that the users do not have to do it as they inherit the properties of the server while accessing internet and intranets.

second point is that on the client and server browser settings (properties) go to general tab - settings and select the first option radio button which says every visit to the page. This will reduce your refreshing everytime.

HOpe you get this issue Rest in Peace.

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