IE9 and Vista - Why are there so many problems here?

By jonwia888 ·
This combination has been giving me headaches. Pages stopped responding, links didnt function, pics didnt open.
So, I followed the MS advice and permanently activated the compatibility mode for all pages. Much better, but....
I still have numerous glitches and slow downs and the occassional links still dont function.
What, if anything can I do about this to improve the situation?
What would happen if I put this IE9 on a WINXP system?
PS - I had just wanted to send this with IE9, and guess what - the button did not work. So, if you are reading this, my new FIREFOX works!

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Easy Solution...

by cmiller5400 In reply to IE9 and Vista - Why are t ...

Use Firefox

Personally I don't like upgrading to the "latest and greatest" until at least the first Service Pack. That way they get the chance to work out some of the "features"/bugs

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Vista has problems running Vista

by robo_dev In reply to IE9 and Vista - Why are t ...

so it would be sheer lunacy to attempt to install and run an actual application on this OS.

I might add that putting a half-baked yet flashy new web browser onto a Vista machine is like trying to seamlesly integrate an Apple iPad into the dashboard electronics of a 1984 Chrysler New Yorker. Good luck with that....

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huge problems with IE9 solved!

by sonyasnet In reply to IE9 and Vista - Why are t ...

I too had many glitches etc with the rotten thing. I fixed the lot no worries...for those who would like to know how, I simply deleted IE9 through windows update and the former IE8 just takes it from there. NO MORE BETAS FOR ME... CHEERS

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Reponse To Answer

by stuttgartt In reply to huge problems with IE9 so ...

If you've had IE9 on your computer then it's cut a lot of controls and uninstalling it hasn't fixed them. My Win7 64Bit had two second delays on the simplest commands after IE9 and I spent weeks resetting various performance tweaks to my system but got sick of trying to avoid re-installing updates and programs. You need to do an open system restore to before you installed IE9.

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Vista has problems running Vista

by chrisnett In reply to IE9 and Vista - Why are t ...

Its seems to work for me on both Windows 7 and XP, haven't tried vista.. Thanks for posting your solution for our reference,

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Reponse To Answer

by Den2010 In reply to Vista has problems runnin ...

Interesting. How did you get Internet Explorer 9 to install on Windows XP? I didn't think it would do that.

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IE9 and windows Vista

I use FF and safari.I am really not interested in IE or companies who don't make backwardly compatible software for commercial gain.

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IE9 sucks anyway

by ThatITGuyTy In reply to IE9 and Vista - Why are t ...

Yea it looks prettier, but I uninstalled it almost within a week of installing it. I honestly thought I was the only one who was having issues with it. It's not that much better on 7.

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