ie9 beta how do I save a link to my desktop etc?

By theusmale2 ·
using IE9 beta How do I save a link to my desktop? It was simple in ie8 etc. Can't find a way to do it now. I hope it's my oversite because i do like ie9.

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Open the Start Menu

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to ie9 beta how do I save a ...

Then drag and drop IE9 to the Desktop.


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Then drag and drop IE9 to the Desktop

by theusmale2 In reply to Open the Start Menu

Sorry,Question is worded wrong.useing IE9 Beta,....Should be: how do I SEND a link to my desktop? not save.

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Wherein lies the difference?

by seanferd In reply to Then drag and drop IE9 to ...

What link? A website? Just drag the tab or address to the Desktop. I am not aware of any "SendTo" functionality in IE at all.

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There is

by NexS In reply to Wherein lies the differen ...

I have IE7 at the moment, I am using it RIGHT now. Under the "File" menu, there is a "Send" option, then beneath that, there is a "Shortcut to Desktop" option.

I am not too certain as to whether this is the case in IE9 or not, though...

But, I guess, the answer is "There is more than one way to get a fur coat."
Meaning, many ways to get the desired outcome.

There might be a 'send to' option, you could click and drag the address to the desktop, you could even Copy and Paste the address and "Create New">> "Shortcut" and do it that way.

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or create a .URL file

by Who Am I Really In reply to There is

with notepad

in the notepad window:

start with the following:


paste the link from the address bar after the URL= and save the link on the desktop as linkname.url

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by seanferd In reply to or create a .URL file

I like text editors that recognize hyperlinks, like akelpad.

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Ah, thanks.

by seanferd In reply to There is

I guess I haven't ever used that method. (It is in IE6 as well.)

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Me either

by NexS In reply to Ah, thanks.

Generally, if I want to save a weblink, I'll either do it manually with a .lnk, or I'll use favourites/bookmarks in the browser.

Each to their own.

Edited for CAPS.

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"send to" option is right on.

by theusmale2 In reply to There is

Thx for the conformation. IE7 had been uninstalled and I have used the "send to" function for so long I was just in auto and couldn't remember what it said. so thanks for clearing that up for all the users who don't even know it's there. A Super useful one click function. The drag onto the desktop works fine if I'm not in full page mode but found it hard to believe that MS would remove such a choice from IE9.

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It may be

by NexS In reply to "send to" option is right ...

That the option is just placed in a different location, or there may be a similar function, or it may be that they saw it as a redundant feature.

Perhaps, have a fumble through the new menus and see if there's anything similar.

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