IEEE vs ISO Pros and Cons

By jscog37879 ·
I am looking for information on the pros and cons of these two sets of standards for an IT group that develops and maintains software, does formal testing, complete infrastructure responsibilities and pretty much everything else on mainframes and PCs. Is one better than the other or is there something else?

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Skip the ISO and go IEEE

by mjd420nova In reply to IEEE vs ISO Pros and Con ...

Having been employed by a firm with ISO certification and been present during an ISO inspection, it was a farce. ISO appears to be a money oriented kind of cert that can be bought and not earned. IEEE is an international organization staffed by well informed and recognized personel.

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Different Sweet Spots

by millern In reply to IEEE vs ISO Pros and Con ...

Deep down, I may agree with the other poster (skip ISO & go with IEEE). But here's some additional information so you can make your own call.

1)IEEE is perceived by many as being US focused. BSI (British Standards Inst) is a roughly similar UK based organization. There is an IEEE Computer Society & a BSI Computer Society. IEEE is actually broader and has much more content so I wouldn't call them too similar. ISO is an international organization that usually draws from other orgs and doesn't actually define their own standards from scratch (most ISO standards start from IEEE or BSE and get promoted).
2) There are a few competing/conflicting standards at the ISO level. I believe 2700x came from BS7799 for "security" and there is another ISO standard that came from IEEE that also is for "security" but very different standards.
3) Each (IEEE & BSI) have their sweetspots. IEEE-CS sweetspot is the core software development and they have multiple standards in this area(requirements-design-construction-testing). They have SWEBOK that helps pull much of that together. BSI-CS sweetspot is "Service Management" and "governance" (which I describe as the wrapper around software development). They have ITIL (BS1500/ISO20000) in addition to ISO2700x (that I consider to be superior).

If you are very, very careful, I believe you can use the BSI based stuff as a wrapper around the IEEE/swebok core software development.

Hopefully this will generate some religious war posts. I'm angry with both organizations that they can't work together better and find ISO to be little help as they rubber stamp some crap that comes up.

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