iexplore process keeps on opening up seems to be laoding something

By b.mills ·
hey there ,
I have noticed that my computer seems to automatically open up the "iexplore.exe" process and this seems to load something as its memory usage keeps going up and such .

i kill it and then it loads back up again

i scan with norton 2006 nothing

scanned with windiws defender nothing

scanned with adaware and comes up with some MRU tracking cookies but thats it and when i delete them it comes back after a while

also the only way i can stop it from taking up lots of memory is by blocking iexplore.exe with norton firewall

any suggestions

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Iexplorer opening up

by meridenscrafts In reply to iexplore process keeps on ...

Download Foxfire browser and block iexplorer

It is faster, and doesn't have all the hangups iexplorer does then see if you have any problems with foxfire. Personally I like Mcafee, I got a worm messed up my printer,iexplorer. Went to mcafee.com, got a hold of there scan tool. about 39.00 a year, scaned cleaned everything out, my printer, ie straightened right up but I still like foxfire better.
Hope this helps

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iexplore opening up

by b.mills In reply to Iexplorer opening up


yeah there is no way i actually use firefox it just loads up iexplore haha
and you have just confimed me changing to mcafee - we use it at work and my girlfriend has it on her computer so i seem to think it may work better
thanks for your reply

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by ozi Eagle In reply to iexplore process keeps on ...


I would also scan with spybot, as I have found that it will find stuff that Adaware misses, and vice versa. The two together do a far better job than either on its own.

Also I would suggest that you upgrade them both, as well as your antivirus, then turn off system restore reboot into safe mode and then run your scans.


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by b.mills In reply to Spybot

thanks will do...

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ie is opening

by meridenscrafts In reply to Spybot

Just another note, check to make firefox your browser, I am sorry but ie has too much stuff on it, it takes over your computer, especially if you don't have a lot of memory ram, Oh firefox is so much faster,

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by pimp_bones In reply to iexplore process keeps on ...

i got it check this out if any of you notice that iexplorer process is running when there is no internet explorer webpage open and when you end the process it comees back then this will help you,
i closed the internet explorer process when i did i noticed a process come up and then vanish when the iexplorer process came back it was called claylife2 i selected properties b4 it went and away and the iexplorer process came back and i found the location it was a hidden Adobe folder in program files
i went there scanned the folder no virus and then i deleted the folder and ended the iexplorer process boom the iexplorer process does not come back thank you thank you.

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