if a BIOS chip doesn't work.

By shrine_suraj ·
there is one question in my mind.
i don't know about anything but i want to know about this .
if somebody can help me.
can a computer run without BIOS??
if a BIOS chip doesn't work properly what would happen??

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For a computer - Basic Input Output System is a bit like ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to if a BIOS chip doesn't wo ...

Breathing for a human being.

If you can't breathe, you can't stay alive.
If you can't breathe properly, everyday activities will be severely impaired.

The BIOS is how the motherboard interacts with all the rest of the hardware components /services of a computer. If any 1 link doesn't work properly, that function will be impaired. If none of the links work at all - no computer.

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Easy answer is for Modern Computers NO IT CAN NOT

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to if a BIOS chip doesn't wo ...

However if you are referring to any Computer at all some of the very early ones where hard wired to produce a functioning system without any form of BIOS as such. But they where extremely limited in their function.


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by Aceflyer In reply to if a BIOS chip doesn't wo ...

Your computer need a bios chip to pass the P.O.S.T. (power on self test). After it has POSTed, in theory, you can remove the bios chip and the computer will still operate. If your BIOS controls your fan speed and monitors the MoBo & CPU temperatures you can run in to problems.

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