If a job offer is valid for 60 days based on the actual wording, is it fair

By ManiacMan ·
for the hiring manager to press me for an answer in regards to accepting or declining their offer after only a short time has passed since they made me the offer? I know they're desperate to fill the position, but I've got other pending offers I'm considering as well. I don't think it's fair for them to violate their own terms on the offer letter by stating that it's valid for 60 days and try to squeeze me for an answer so soon. Is this is a sign of a shady company if they do this? Any thoughts?

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The only thing that they are promising with a 60 day open period

by Tig2 In reply to If a job offer is valid f ...

Is that they will not change the terms and conditions of that offer for 60 days. They can retract a written offer at any time in any state that employs "at will".

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NY is an at will state, and yes, they can retract the offer

by ManiacMan In reply to The only thing that they ...

but I told the hiring manager I'll give her answer no later than this Friday, but she's already annoying me for an answer and I had restated to her that I will let her know by Friday.

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Not shady, in serious need of help.

by bart777 In reply to If a job offer is valid f ...

I'm sure that the issue is then NEED the help asap. They ahve another candidate who they would like to make an offer to and are hoping that thier first choice, you, will commit. If not they are stuck shorthanded until you give them a yes or no.

It's actually a good thing. They like you and your skill set and want you now. Keep in mind that they are most likely thinking that you will be giving at least a 2 week notice to your current company. If you don't give them an answer for the 60 days then they have to go to the next person and potentially wait another 30-60 days for that one to start. How would you feel if you needed help but couldn't get it for 4 months?

If anyhting, the longer you wait to make the decision, the worse it looks for you. hey may see you as too cautious and incapable of making an emergency decision in the event of a disaster at the firm.

Best of luck with it. I hope it's a good offer.

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How would I feel? I'd realize I was lowballing the applicant

by ManiacMan In reply to Not shady, in serious nee ...

which is why I'm not in a rush to give them an answer and try to squeeze more money out of them, if possible by letting them know I got other offers for more money. Let them sweat if they really want me, but I'm not the kind to back down and will either get what I want or move on. I'm capable of making "emergency decisions", but when it comes to my career and money, I don't act on impulse.

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Then let them know that.

by bart777 In reply to How would I feel? I'd re ...

Tell them what for!!!!

Let them know what it is that you want. They will either say ok or back away. If they back off then it wasn't what you wanted.

Also I was coming at it from the hiring companies side. I know you have the confidence to do the job but the hiring managers are looking at you in a vacuum. All they see is someone who isn't givng them an answer.

Give it to them! Let them know what it will take to gain your services. I've done it every time I've made a move. And every move has been a good one.

Best of luck with it.

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by Shellbot In reply to How would I feel? I'd re ...

sh!t or get off the pot mate.

if ya really want it, tell them you need X amount to take it. then let them come back. sitting around for weeks isn't going to help either position, because if they simply cannot afford to pay you more then making them sweat it out doesn't help either of ya.


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well at least they made an offer.

by CG IT In reply to How would I feel? I'd re ...

Still , you do have to decide what your going to do and then let them know one way or the other. If you wait it out, then that gives the impression you really don't want to work for them and given a chance, will leave for something better.

If I was the hiring guy, unless I was so desperate to get someone I'd wait, and I can't think of any reason why I would be that desperate, if I didn't hear in a couple of days max, I'd take that as you weren't interested. If at some point later you decide you want the job, I wouldn't consider you.

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Yes, so why not use their desparation against them and squeeze more money?

by ManiacMan In reply to well at least they made ...

Business 101..."Greed is good" :^0

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Greed is good, I agree

by bart777 In reply to Yes, so why not use their ...

My favorite radio station is WIIFM (What's in it for me!!)

The problem is that making them sweat really doesn't do anything but make them move on to the next candidate.

Tell them you've looked at it and give tehm the counter. Hopefully they'll bite.

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That was their counter offer which I was waiting on accepting

by ManiacMan In reply to Greed is good, I agree

The best they could do was to offer me $5K more than their original lowball offer, and I doubt they will go any higher. I just wanted to see how it would play out and I see that their offer is crap compared to what others are offering me. If they've already decided to give the position to someone else, then so be it, because in the end, I wasn't going to accept anything under six figures anyway.

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