If a mirrored SATA drive fails, how does it notify the user of the failure?

By robo_dev ·
I am in the process of building a PC with mirrored SATA drives. It's a Dell Inpiron 520 which has a nVidia RAID controller.

While there are many things I can test, obviously creating an intentional drive failure to see how the RAID recovery works would be a costly test.

If/when the mirrored drive fails, does it give a Windows system event message? Does it shutdown Windows, go blue-screen, or do something else nasty? I've got several PCs which are CCTV DVRs running mirrored drives and I have yet to see a mirror fail....

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Depends on the drivers

by oldbaritone In reply to If a mirrored SATA drive ...

and whether there's a monitoring applet or gadget that needs to load to read it.

Of course, the noxious odor and clouds of smoke are dead giveaways, too...


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To answer it myself a bit....

by robo_dev In reply to If a mirrored SATA drive ...

It turns out there is a windows program called 'Disk Alert' which is part of the nVidia ForceWare Media Shield software that was included on the DVD that shipped with my Dell PC.

Obviously I need to verify that those utilities are installed, or they are unlikely to work....

I do have a smoke detector in my server rack, but hopefully the Disk Alert app is less crude than that....

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Oh. I would have said,

by seanferd In reply to If a mirrored SATA drive ...

"scary noises".

Does SMART monitoring have a front end and alarms and stuff on that system?

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Actually, I got to see how that all works yesterday

by robo_dev In reply to If a mirrored SATA drive ...

As I was installing a pair of Hitachi 500GB hard drives in a Dell PC, it was showing that one drive had failed. The result was when booting, the Dell BIOS had some big colorful text showing me that the RAID array was 'degraded' and the the secondary drive was in an ERROR state (in red) while the primary was OK ( in green text). I never got to the Windows side of things, since I was installing Windows as part of the process.

My understanding is that some RAID controllers actually do not even communicate the the SMART capabilities of the drive itself. It's really the RAID controller and driver that's doing the important diagnostics and so forth. To confuse the issue, sometimes RAID is done via firmware, in the controller, and sometimes via software.

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