If and when will we see a desktop version of Android?

By mcheffins ·
Android, the "next generation OS," branded as Google rather than Linux (at which people balk), and rapidly increasing in popularity support and market share. Is this not the perfect launch point for linux to make serious gains into the desktop market? Android Desktop, free to download and fully supported by Google. Complete with everything you need straight "out of the box" plus access to an online repository of applications. Why can I only find mentions of "if" or people speculating about this? Seems a no-brainer to me.

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you mean

by .Martin. In reply to If and when will we see a ...

something like this?

they are only up to a stable release of v1.6, but they seem to be working on froyo.

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You would have to ask Google.

by seanferd In reply to If and when will we see a ...

But it is currently developed for phone architectures, not PC architectures. I don't imagine Android would bring anything particularly new to the desktop PC.

Perhaps if Google wrote an Android-like desktop environment...

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Yeah, thats kinda what I meant...

by mcheffins In reply to You would have to ask Goo ...

I appreciate that there are harware/architecture differences between mobile and PC, and I'm not sure a direct port would be that great. I was thinking more along the lines of desktop specific android (same look, feel, fucntions, etc), with a heavy marketing leverage off current 'mobile' android. Get linux on people's home computers (without them knowing) by wrapping it up as Google OS, so to speak.
I'd even convert from Mandriva!

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Touch screens would almost be a requirement

by seanferd In reply to Yeah, thats kinda what I ...

to get that look and feel. But I appreciate where you are coming from. "Ooh, Google OS." No scary Unix-like design implied.

I'll have to further look at the link which .Martin provided, as i didn't see this when I posted. I wonder what they are driving at. This will hopefully shed some light on what Android could bring to the desktop.

Still, just a Desktop Environment one could install in Linux might give all the Android look and feel a consumer might expect.

Either way, interesting.

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But I thought Google was busy...

by TobiF In reply to If and when will we see a ...

cooking together their Chrome OS, or did I miss something?

Edit: Typo

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There is that.

by seanferd In reply to But I thought Google was ...
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Really? I missed that one.

by mcheffins In reply to But I thought Google was ...

will have to google chrome (hahahaha)

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Well Acer announced

by LarryD4 In reply to If and when will we see a ...


Acer has unveiled a slate of 10-inch netbooks capable of running both Microsoft?s Windows 7 and Google?s Android operating systems.

So my guess its not to far away.

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