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If anyone gets a Christmas card [edited for clarity]

By Jacky Howe ·
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from Rob & Simonne it's from me.

I'm Rob for those of you who didn't know better.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to If anyone gets a Christma ...

I wanted to make my own Christmas card to send out this year. Nice and simple with a glittering Christmas tree. I have a lot of contacts from TR on my Hotmail account but I couldn't work out how to get my tree in there.

I then got the bright idea of exporting my contacts and importing them into Outlook. Send everyone a card and wait for the list of rejections to come back so I could clean up my Contacts.

I had intended to send my Oulook Contacts a card anyway. Picked CaptBilly1Eye and BCC'd the rest.

Unfortunatly a lot of my Contacts only know me as Jacky Howe and @ my hotmail address.

So I am getting a lot of Thank You but Who are you's.

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by Jaqui In reply to If anyone gets a Christma ...

and here I thought you were talking about one from TR.
[ mine showed up today from TR :) ]

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No just some of the peers

by Jacky Howe In reply to dang

who I have had contact with over the last year. There was quite a few and along with the WTFAY I had a client say thanks for the card and now that I have your attention can you help me with this. No it's not a TR member just another one of my great clients. Geeze you get to meet some nice people in this game.

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Erm - well, unless you are a cross-dresser - maybe ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to If anyone gets a Christma ...

You should let these folks know which one YOU are!

ROB or SIMONNE !! :^0 :^0

I mean, I once mistook that Canuck as a girlie!

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He He !

by Jacky Howe In reply to Erm - well, unless you ar ...
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They certainly look better Down Udder !! ... [Edited!!]

by OldER Mycroft In reply to He He !

The ones they've got in Milton Keynes keep getting vandalised:

And there was me thinkin' that Cattle Mutilation only happened in Space Invaders.

<Bad tiny Link>

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Move the herd down udder

by Jacky Howe In reply to They certainly look bette ...

and we will mix it with this lot. Get em all dressed up fat and shiny.

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As I said Wife Bashers do look good on women

by Jacky Howe In reply to Erm - well, unless you ar ...

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