If cell is 0 or blank...

By JillyM ·
I have Microsoft Excel 2000. I can't get a formula to work correctly for me. I am trying to create a formula in cell I13 that if D13 is 0 to leave I13 blank, if D13 is not 0 then to add I12 + D13. Does that make sense? I have done much research and thought that if I did: =IF(blank(D13,0,I12+D13)it would work, but it does not work. Any ideas? Thank you.

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The function is "ISBLANK"

by neilb@uk In reply to If cell is 0 or blank...

And you've got a com,ma where you shouldn't have

=IF(ISBLANK(D13),0,I12+D13) will work

Neil :)

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by JillyM In reply to The function is "ISBLANK"

Very helpful! It worked.

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IF will work

by waltjohnson35 In reply to If cell is 0 or blank...

Probably the most simple formula is

You could also reverse the question


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