If i already have a graphics card in my laptop will an external gpu work?

By ilikehp ·
So I was looking at getting an external graphics card for my laptop that already has low performance (mx150) card and was wondering if the external GPU would still work? Cheers guys.

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What for?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to If i already have a graph ...

Firstly any external Graphic unit which I'm not sure even exists will only drive an external Monitor not the one built into the NB. So what are you trying to achieve?

But in answer to your question if you fit something exteranly to the system and it has the correct drivers for your OS then yes it will work but for something like a Display Adapter it will not drive the Lap Top Display it would only drive an external display so something like a Docking Station with it's own Monitor would be what you would be seeing but nothing on your existing Monitor which in all probability isn't high enough resolution to support anything much better than what you already have.

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external GPU's are possible

by ilikehp In reply to What for?

I have seen multiple versions of External GPU's made by big companies such as razer etc. You can see one in this video Thanks for your response though greatly appreciated

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I didn't say that they where not possible

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to external GPU's are possib ...

I just asked WHY Bother?

Even in the video it showed that the NB is just a base crunching Numbers and in no way is any good as a display unit so why bother going to this extent.

Sure it may improve Frame Rates in games and provided you use a High Spec Video Card I'm certain it will make the frame rates faster but the point of Lap Tops is mobility and these destroy any mobility that the NB has. It is just a Upgraded Docking Station in reality and allows a substandard unit to perform better than it could ever hope to by increasing the Processing Power of the Video Card.

It is the same as upgrading the Video Card in a Desktop but without the loss of mobility that NB's offer.

Sorry but I don't see the point a lot of expense to cut back on the ability of using a NB.

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