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If I could be the paid spokesperson for a tech product, it would be ____

By sMoRTy71 ·
Fill in the blank with the tech product (hardware, software, service) that you would be willing to associate yourself with (as long as there was a little celebrity spokesperson compensation, of course).

Please put your answer in the title field and then explain the reasoning in the message field.

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It would be....

by LiamE In reply to If I could be the paid sp ...

..... Windows Vista. I like a long to to prepare for speaches.

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Firebox, Sonicwall, or Pix

by jdclyde In reply to If I could be the paid sp ...

I like to play with the differnt firewalls, and security is interesting because it is always adapting to changing threats.

This fits right in with the reason I went into tech in the first place. I don't WANT to have a job where I am not learning and just do the same thing, day in and day out.

These three products I have worked at least a little with, and would love to do the road shows. It would be great if I could work it so the road shows were the weeks I don't have my boys! Life would be perfect!

Oh, would need a few "booth babes" to travel with me! ]:) (no, I will NOT post the pictures here!)

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MS Sharepoint Portal Server

by Bergy In reply to If I could be the paid sp ...

I have only begun to use this software but I love it so far. We will have to see if it will displace our Intranet web with its user contolled content and design capabilities. Alerts are a really key part of the success as well as MS Office integration.

Watch for future announcements from MS on my new responsibilities head of marketing for Sharepoint portal, LOL!!

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Dana by Alphasmart

by Sylverre In reply to MS Sharepoint Portal Serv ...

I use mine more than the laptop, and I'm forever being interrupted with "Hey, what is that?" questions. It'd be nice to be paid for the time I take to introduce the thing to all those curious individuals.

(It's pretty much the only thing I don't like about the product, how very interested everyone else is in it. Ah, well.)

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SharePoint Server or BizTalk Server would be my choice

by ACatCSA In reply to MS Sharepoint Portal Serv ...

My company started using SharePoint Services for collaboration and it has spread quickly. We rolled out SharePoint Portal Server last year to replace our intranet. The integration with everything that is Microsoft is great so long as your company is dedicated to Microsoft technologies. My first choice for an answer to this question would be Microsoft BizTalk Server (BTS). I've been involved in EAI (enterprise application integration) for over a year using BTS and it is very powerful when working with disparate systems with varying data definitions. We are currently integrating processes between servers running Microsoft O/S and SQL Server as well as IBM iSeries mainframes running DB2 and Unisysys midrange mainframes. It also works great with emulation technology such as that developed by WRQ Attachmate.

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by Wizard Prang In reply to If I could be the paid sp ...

It. Just. Works.

Some will bellyache about the monthly fees, but have no problem paying 3x as much so they can rabbit-rabbit-yap-yap on their cellphones. For me it is well worth the time saved... and there is always something to watch.

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Slingbox / Nintendo DS Lite

by sMoRTy71 In reply to TiVo!

I didn't want to be the first to post a consumer electronic product; however, I agree that TiVo is a worthy choice.

I would probably say Slingbox. I use it to connect to my DirecTiVo remotely and watch anything I've recorded (or just stream live TV). The Slingplayer can be used on a PC, laptop, cellphone or PDA. Very cool stuff.

Here is more on my experience setting up and using it:

If I could do two, I would also say Nintendo DS Lite. One of the best gaming experiences I have had in years.

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DS Lite

by GSG In reply to Slingbox / Nintendo DS Li ...

Just got my DS Lite, and I love it. However, I'd rather have the version sold only in Japan. It has a lot more functionality, or so I understand.

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US model same as Japanese model

by sMoRTy71 In reply to DS Lite

I'm pretty sure that there is no difference between the versions sold the US and Japan.

BTW, I just picked up a second DS Lite for my kids. It was too hard trying to share one. Plus, now we can play multiplayer games with a single game card.

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by Jim_P In reply to TiVo!

I think Zenworks is great, cuts time in deploying workstation images, software, policies, gathering hardware and software information from all PCs throughout the office and remote wan offices. Zenworks can work on either Novell or Microsoft networks, and there is so much more you can do with this product.
I would like to present people the opportunities they could in their networks to make their administration jobs so much easier.


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