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    If I do not install SP 3: What happens? Any Problems?


    by rajsdoshi ·

    I neither have the time nor the skill to untangle myself if I run into SP3 update problems.

    What happens if I don’t install SP3?

    Also, any way to tell Microsoft to NOT Remind me about SP3 updates?

    Thanks a lot.

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      by rajsdoshi ·

      In reply to If I do not install SP 3: What happens? Any Problems?


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      If you don’t

      by .martin. ·

      In reply to If I do not install SP 3: What happens? Any Problems?

      If you do not install SP3, the only differences you will notice are some features that are included in SP3 won’t be installed and you may need to install them, like Link-Layer topology responder for vista to XP networking.

      Also somewhere down the line i believe Microsoft will do what they did with SP2, and only allow computers with the newest SP to download updates…

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      As Martin explained you will

      by computercookie ·

      In reply to If I do not install SP 3: What happens? Any Problems?

      probably run into problems, particuarly with new versions of software (IE, Adobe etc. being designed for SP3), networking with Vista and Windows 7!

      SP3 is only a small change and there are no signifigant changes, out of 6 PC’s that I’ve installed SP3 on I’ve only had one problem (PC had undiagnosed errors)and this was easily resolved by canceling the install.

      I’ve noticed that on three PC’s the toal install was 66.3 MB although the download was 316 MB.

      As I’ve and others have previously mentioned in this forum is that SP3 has some small changes and all the updates since SP2.

      Therefore you are better off if you download the service pack rather than allow Windows/Microsoft update to do it.

      Download SP3 from MS;

      Download from Softpedia;

      I suggest you keep the file and burn it to a CD/DVD for later. If you need to reinstall XP at a later date you will find it easier and quicker to install the Service Pack.

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      Well if you are a Home User

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to If I do not install SP 3: What happens? Any Problems?

      There is no need to apply XP SP3 as there is nothing in it for you if you have kept the system updated. But unlike previous Windows SP’s this is a easy one with very few problems included in it.

      But if you don’t want Windows Update to attempt to install SP3 every time you log onto the Net you can install the Windows Service Pack Blocking Tool available from here.

      Normally I would say that M$ will cause problems but as they have recently stopped selling Xp to the Masses I very much doubt that you will have any problems provided that you have the SP2 installed and the computer updated.


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      I’ve not installed it and nothing’s happened …

      by older mycroft ·

      In reply to If I do not install SP 3: What happens? Any Problems?

      Although, having said that, I DID download it within the first 36 hours. It’s currently sitting somewhere in a hard drive.

      If you are being annoyed by the constant reminders about SP3 there is a choice of what you can do.

      #1 You can set Updates to inform you but not download anything until you approve: this way the next reminder you get – you untick the reminder and M$ will never remind you again. Of course then you’ll not have it, so the next option is maybe better…

      #2 Since the download is an ISO for burning to an optical disc, I’ve found that by simply downloading it and leaving it on your hard drive (uninstalled), Windows Update detects the ISO image and doesn’t remind you anymore.

      It would appear that simply having the ISO, irrespective of installation, is enough to stop the reminders.

      Might be the first sensible thing M$ have ever done IMHO. 🙂

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        Number 2

        by the ‘g-man.’ ·

        In reply to I’ve not installed it and nothing’s happened …

        Interesting, so MS checks your ISO files – where is it saved, inside the windows folder?

        If not what right to they have to check (and what right do they have anyway).

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          Eh? What right? – How the hell else would Update work! …

          by older mycroft ·

          In reply to Number 2

          If M$ didn’t check what was installed inside your particular Windows installation, how the hell is WU gonna know which updates to download for you???

          “[i]what right do they have anyway[/i]” – THAT’s about enough reason don’t you think? 😉

          Remember: you don’t ‘own’ Windows – you only pay for the Licence that allows you to run it.

          I would’ve thought a G-MAN would know that! 🙂

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      dude sp3 aint that great

      by jaisingh11 ·

      In reply to If I do not install SP 3: What happens? Any Problems?

      i dunt think ur losing much not installing it and f. vista wat a piece of shit 😛

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