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    If I want to create a second subnet, do I need to change my type of router?

    by taj2021 ·

    My ASUS business router does not appear to have an option to create a second (private) subnet. Do I need to buy a different router or a separate device to make this happen? Or am I just not looking at the admin interface settings correctly?

    Quick background: I inherited a small business network. The business now wants to create an internal (segmented) network from the rest of the main business network (which is currently running as 192.168.X.X) for a sister business (which I thought I could use a 172.16.X.X).

    I thought of getting a managed switch for the segmented network (which would the run off a main business switch to reach the ASUS router, which is our gateway). However, I understand that the ASUS router still needs to have the second internal subnet configured in order for proper routing of the sister network. Is that correct?

    Here is the current network architecture:
    Internet > Main ASUS router/FW > main switch > to many other smaller switches > another main business switch (which would be the port where the sister business managed switch would run off of).

    PS: I am learning (slowly but surely) networking so thank you for helping a newbie! Also, overhauling the existing network architecture would be out of the question due to how the building expanded over the years and abnormal costs involved.

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      While one can do this by manually assigning IP addresses.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to If I want to create a second subnet, do I need to change my type of router?

      I take it that the IT staff is self learned so here’s the two quick, cheap solutions.
      1. Manually assign all the IP addresses in question. And yes that does make another subnet but no, it’s not a secure network (it never was!)
      2. Find another router. The WAN port goes to your first router and you set it up with the LAN address system you want. Cheap, easy.

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