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If it's not already being done, there will be an app for that!

By JJFitz ·
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I have a fingerprint scanner on my Windows Tablet

by JJFitz In reply to If it's not already being ...

and I use it all the time. It makes it so much faster to log in.
I think one of the Lenovo Android tablet will have a fingerprint scanner. That will appeal to the Enterprise users.

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I can get past your fingerprint scanner...

by jck In reply to I have a fingerprint scan ...

Your enterprise systems just became more vulnerable. All because you enabled your users to be more lazy and forgetful.

Nice. Just what the IT world needs. More issues to fix...all because you don't have to remember your password and take 4-10 seconds to type in login credentials.

This is the problem with IT. Laziness trumps security.

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Let's play Jeopardy jck!

by JJFitz In reply to If it's not already being ...

Lazy?! Think about your audience before you pat yourself on the back with what you think you understand from reading a few sentences in a post. This is a tech site.
The pc is not on a domain. After powering on the computer, you have to enter a long pin before the bios can be opened, bios passwords are set (supervisory and user), boot from removable media is disabled, internal cdrom is removed - all this before you get prompted for your fingerprint. The hash is stored on an encrypted hardware chip. -not a windows software add-on. Forget about bypassing it with a local admin account. You can't. And the hard disk is password protected with full disk encryption enabled.
If you manage to get through all this, you will need my VPN password to connect to any enterprise systems. If you want to make a critical change in an enterprise application, you need to know another password. All pins are long and passwords are complex and unique from eachother.
I'll take "Crap I think I know for two hundred Alex."
Alex: "Ooooooh, sorry jck. The correct answer was, What is not enough. Not Enough. That's going to cost you. You are now negative forty-eight thousand with no chance of getting out of that hole. But thanks for playing!"

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