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IF staements in Excel

By peetree ·
I have a spreadsheet, which has a cell that is used to total the previous cells in the row. The formula that I am using is as follows, =IF(G2=1<>10,(F2*G2),IF(I2=1<>10,(H2*I2),IF(K2=1<>10,(J2*K2),IF(N2=1<>1,(M2*N2),0)))). The first 2 IF-statements [for G & I] return the value as calculated, but the last 2 [K & N]don't. Is their a limit on how many nested IF-statements one can use?

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by Cambria777 In reply to IF staements in Excel

Excel 2000 limits the number of nested IF statements to seven, but you only have 4 in your formula, so if you are running that version then that's not the problem. What version are you running?

When I put some arbitrary numbers into G2, I2, K2, & N2, that formula only calculates F2*G2. I'm not seeing any results for I, K, or N. If you could provide some actual numbers as examples of what's in cells F2, G2, H2, I2, J2, K2, M2, & N2, that would help. Also, what is the cell reference of the cell that are you putting that formula into?

By the way, I'm not familiar with the expression [cell reference]=1<>10 that you are repeating at the beginning of each IF statement. Is that expression supposed to indicate "between"? If so, the AND_worksheet_funtion should probably be used to state "between." Please explain that expression.

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