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If the USA government was serious about political correctness

By Deadly Ernest ·
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and removing everything of a single religious basis they should pass laws that make it unlawful to have any religious based holidays - if you want it off it comes out of your annual leave or is leave without pay. So all those religious based public holidays should be cancelled, and similarly religious based public activities. Also religious based advertising of sales promotion activities shouldn't be allowed either.

People should be allowed to wear clothing of a specific type based on religious reasons, watch the Muslims scream when it becomes unlawful to wear the Burkah (hope I got that right) in public.

Thus you can't have Easter Holiday weekend, Christmas Holidays, or Christmas sales, Easter sales, Halloween has to be cancelled. Wow, with all those extra working days etc, productivity should jump, and without being able to promote for Christmas, retail sales should level out. ]:)

Also all those special penalty rates for working on a Sunday would have to be dropped, Sunday work must become the same as Saturday work.

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The First amendment

by TonytheTiger In reply to If the USA government was ...

specifically prohibits the creation of such laws.

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Well then just repeal the existing religious based laws

by Deadly Ernest In reply to The First amendment

like the one declaring Christmas to be a public holiday, and the others declaring you get extra money for working Sunday because it's the Lords day, and you're not supposed to be working, but having it off, and so on.

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you don't understand Ernest

by jdclyde In reply to If the USA government was ...

It isn't the US Government that is looking to do this. It is maybe 5% of the country that is completely insane that has been allowed for too long to get their way of infringing on the rights of the majority.

In the past, people have been reluctant to say anything in return because these hateful people making up this 5% will call you everything from a biggot to a part of the "right wing Christian movement". (and they always say "Christian" as if it were a bad thing).

People have had enough and are finally telling the 5% to STF up, because THEY are offending US. IF someone comes to this country and is offended by the way we live, too bad. They are always free to go back to where ever they came from, or they can appreciate that here they are allowed to disagree without getting assassinated by the government (unless they are Christians, and Janet Reno is in charge, they you WILL be executed without a trial).

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Just a moment, while I take my tongue out of my cheek

by Deadly Ernest In reply to you don't understand Erne ...

OK, now what prompted this (check all the tags to get the point I was making with it - note the last one) is that the USA HAS laws, and case law, that says you can't do things in the public sphere that relates to a single religion - ie the PC laws and they way they're being enforced.

I'm just pointing our that the people doing this aren't being serious about it as they're not taking it fully on board. If they were they'd deal with ALL aspects, including the ones I mentioned, not just the odd ones like prayers at school or religious based toys.

BTW for this post I had to shrink to half my normal height, something I don't normally do - but I felt this one needed a good airing.

Later, when I'm feeling very trollish I'll quote St Luke 2 verses 5-7 and explain the real meaning of espoused, as against married. Try it in the New International Version, that's a lot plainer. But lets leave that for another thread.

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tags schmags

by jdclyde In reply to Just a moment, while I ta ...

but as for your point about what they are going for, a total de-christening of the country is the goal. They are just picking it off, piece at a time, just like the attacks on the gun laws against the law abiding citizens instead of enforcing the existing laws against people that use guns illegally.

oh well.

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The way to deal with people using unlawful firearms for crimes is a

by Deadly Ernest In reply to tags schmags

good solid discussion, direct and to the point - between the eyes one round at a time, rapid fire.

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You betcha!

by NickNielsen In reply to The way to deal with peop ...

I have a problem with convicted murders complaining that the death penalty, even by lethal injection, is cruel and unusual. One that sticks in my mind is a serial rapist-murderer who was scared of needles. My first reaction was "Good!" Unfortunately, I don't sit on any courts...

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You guys must enjoy acting paranoid

by DelbertPGH In reply to If the USA government was ...

Nobody's going to steal Christmas from the USA.

****, in all of Europe, Good Friday is a national holiday, in countries that are far less Christian than the U.S. Like France, for example. You just try abolish a popular holiday and send people back to work, and you'll get a quick lesson in democracy.

Everybody else here seems to get a kick out of imagining the most vile things Janet Reno or Hillary Clinton could say, if they were possessed by the devil, and then complain about it. Have fun. Just don't scare the children.

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That's the point, if they were serious about this crap they will

by Deadly Ernest In reply to You guys must enjoy actin ...

steal Christmas, maybe they're just working up to it slowly.

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Tasty canadian

by russell.wagner In reply to That's the point, if they ...

This guy is fron CANADA for chrissakes, guys! He can't help it.

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