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If we had invented time machines

By Oz_Media ·
If we had invented time machines and could go back to any time in Earth's history, where would people go? You can keep everything you know today, but take nothing modern back with you. IN other words, you retain your knowledge but not your possessions. Now I know people want to go back and design the first computer, keep in mind that it would require strong financial resources back then too.

Would they go back to the 17th, 18th or 19th century, perhaps before?

What about the 20th? Up to the 1920's it was a pretty rough time for all, but simpler if deemed harder too.

1930's, we could relive prohibition? How about the 1940's, would you go back and join your ancestors at war, to stand by their side and fight with them? Again knowing what you know today?

1950's, perhaps those cool cars and 'nice' women in pooodle skirts?

1960's, relive man's lunar landing, buy a stock Mopar with a Hemi? Be a greaser?

1970's I don't think too many people would be keen on bell bottoms, though today's fashion makes me wonder if it's that far out of date.

1980's (my most fun era), LaCoste t-shirts, Duran Duran, The Petshop Boys and that oh so wonderful arena Metal era.

1990's, did actually anything happen in the 90's?

New Millenium? Maybe someone could wake up The White House and give them foresight as to the problems they will create in Iraq or at least get all the people out of the WTC in time (serious hero status anyone)?

I think I'd rather go back to the 80's but I have a feeling it would not be the same if time machines were around, I think it would be a pretty bust era to live in now, seems to be a lot of 80's folks around. I'd probably do the 50's through 80's, wash rinse repeat as needed.


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by magic8ball In reply to If we had invented time m ...

I can't take my sports almanac back with me and make some wagers on a few sporting events?

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by Oz_Media In reply to So...

Michael J. Fox already did that.

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by magic8ball In reply to Nope

I could go back and armed with the knowledge of today buy a bunch of stock (yahoo, google, etc...) and make bank on that.

Either that or go back in time and see how my different relatives lived when they were my age at that period of time.

I can't recall the tv show I was watching but the main character went back in time and there was a basketball game that he had seen before he went back (Knicks Celtics I think). The game was decided by one point with a player making a last second shot. The game when he went back turned out the other way because the player missed the shot this go around. For the life of me I can't remember the show. Perhaps someone can.

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No idea

by Oz_Media In reply to But...

Don't know the show and of course you could go back and bet the World Series or Super Bowl if you remembered the scores. So what you are saying is that as long as you had more money, it wouldn't matter what time you went back to.

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Money isnt the only motivator

by magic8ball In reply to No idea

I imagine it would get boring after a while knowing the winners and whatnot. Kinda like Groundhogs Day where Bill Murray is watching Jeopardy knowing every answer from memory. An interesting time to live in would be the raging 20's though.

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That's one I had considered too

by Oz_Media In reply to Money isnt the only motiv ...

But then you'd have to live through the 30's and 40's too. It was a fairly economically rich era though, mind you prohibition would have really pi$$ed me off! The new drinking and driving freak show in BC is bad enough!

Although our legal limit is 0.08 they havae new law out that even if you are LEGALLY not impaired, **** a 0.05, they impound your car for 3 days, at your expense on the spot. You then have to get the paperwork sorted and by te htime it's cleared you are looking at a week impound fees, FOR BEING UNDER THE FREAKIN LIMIT!!! It is a "warning" system, that they think will actually make a difference. The only thing that makes a difference is ENFORCEMENT! even at 0.08.

So what they do is have a major road block spree then plaster the number of roadside fines all over the news so it makes it SEEM like it is more effective, and the f'kin moronic JOE PUBLIC just buy's into it!

If they did the same with the REAL 0.08 limit, they'd have the same results!

And since when was a cop, judge and jury too? Any normal DUI conviction is usually EASILY beaten in court, even if actually justified and you were drunk. So when you face $500-$700 in fees due to a roadside impound, who pays for the cost if you want to dispute it and win? You can't! The piggers are now judge and jury too. 'kin Canadian laws are starting to get under my skin, time to pony up and move to Alberta where people are still people, or home to England where I know I am watched but at least I can get pi$$ed and have fun.

rant over, deep, slow breaths....I'll be okay, sorry.

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I'd go back and join leonardo da vinci

by Slayer_ In reply to If we had invented time m ...

Help him invent stuff. Maybe show him how to make a flying machine. Could be fun.

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How successful would it be?

by Oz_Media In reply to I'd go back and join leon ...

You'd have concepts and knowledge, but no computing. You would be limited in resources too and did anyone actually take him seriously in his time?

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Depends what history books you read I guess

by Slayer_ In reply to How successful would it b ...

Lots of people took him very seriously.

I don't see why you would need computing, the man invented many of the basic tools for measurement. Just seeing his thought processes could be fun.

If you can control space and time, not just time, I'd use it to do assassinations of the worlds worst villains. It might be possible to prevent the dark ages from ever happening and speed up civilization progress (Like portrayed on stargate SG1)

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I read them all

by Oz_Media In reply to Depends what history book ...

Well, I try not to read too many history lessons originating from the US, they seem to change history to suit political agendas too often. I find they are more History/checkstand rags.

Of course many took him seriously, as they did Socrates, Einstein and others in our history. Unfortunately, governments were generally more skeptical (as they are today with great inventors) and often funding and support was very limited to such great minds.

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