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If you absolutely must have a firearm...

By AnsuGisalas ·
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please practice like your life depended on it. Otherwise it won't.

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which is why proper training should be a must for a CCW permit -nt

by Deadly Ernest In reply to If you absolutely must ha ...
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Apparently there'd need to be a monthly test to keep it, too.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to which is why proper train ...

If instructors lose it in a month, who do it for a living... how fares a normal person with a day job not involved with weapons training.

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Instructors need a lot more than users -nt

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Apparently there'd need t ...
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They were talking about their ability to function with a firearm ...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Instructors need a lot mo ...

under stressful condition. Not their ability to instruct others.
If a rock-solid professional becomes unable to properly function in a month without practice, what about a normal dude/dudette?

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and that is totally different to being trained with a firearm, just

by Deadly Ernest In reply to They were talking about t ...

ask any combat experienced soldier or cop how many times they've seen a newbie freeze or mess up the first time is was real for them. No amount of training in the world can really prepare you for the first time you're under what you believe to be real live fire. And the little training they gave people in that video was woeful, **** I had a lot more than that back in the early 1970s when I was trained to handle a handgun as it was part of my duties to have one as a bank teller. Some years later when I was in the police force my training in handguns had to have totalled over a hundred hours and a few years later the new training system doubled that. But none of that was true preparation for the first time I rolled into a situation where shots were being fired.

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The point was the firearm did them no good...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to and that is totally diffe ...

normal people don't have even the amount of training given in that video, which was already over the requirement.
And normal people don't get into live fire situations, either. So what is your point?

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I was trying to make a few points:

by Deadly Ernest In reply to The point was the firearm ...

1. The amount of training they provided was too low for the test to be valid.

2. NO amount of training can prepare a person for the first time they need to respond to a weapons situation, be it a gun or any other weapon.

3. (Which I think I actual missed and wanted to make) the ability to respond to a dangerous situation is not so much a matter of training or a weapon, but of the individual and their own attitudes.

3a. Weapons only give one a wider range of options to respond with.

4. Everyday people DO get into high tension and live fire situations, that's what this whole discussion is about - but it's not always with a gun, a knife, a bludgeon, anything they can threaten or hurt with counts.


You may find these two links an interesting read (remove space between dot and com:

http://www.thisistrue. com/blog-thinking_about_newtown.html

http://www.thisistrue. com/blog-asking_the_right_questions.html


In my own experience I've seen people respond both good and bad to the sort of high tension situation where someone goes nutty with a weapon. The one with the most injuries and fatalities involved a kitchen knife for cutting up vegetables - because it was the same weekend as someone went nutty with a rifle across town the knife guy with more than double the count never made the papers as a knife wasn't as newsworthy as a guy with a gun. I've seen a guy with a gun get taken down by a woman with a handbag when she king hit him as he was drawing his gun - it's all about attitude and being prepared to act. Proper training should help develop that attitude.

I know if I ever go nutcase and want to kill people in large numbers, a gun is the last thing I'd use as it's way too limiting, there are other everyday tools available that will get you a much higher kill count if that's what you want.

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Ok, I get that.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to The point was the firearm ...

But the thing is, the argument "This could have been avoided if X had had a gun", which some organization(s) likes to trot out is just idiotic.
And, people need to take it into account that the gun is just like a screwdriver:
It is not a magic safety-creating machine.
It is not a magic bad-guy-killing machine.
It's a tool. Just that. Know what to do with it, and what not to do with it.

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That's the scary part Ansu

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to The point was the firearm ...

Americans still use slotted or Phillips screws.

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Deadly Ernest

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to The point was the firearm ...

Nice post. Personally I'd start with a trebuchet or something cool and medieval. Get people corralled and then you can use an iron maiden, one by one.
Seriously though, after readin your post I remember that someone actually did try to rob me at gunpoint, at least he sorta showed that he had one and it looked to me like he had one, but I dropped him and was gone before he got back up anyway. I didn't want to stand around and play cowboys with the guy, just drop him and scarper. Even if I DID have a gun, I wouldn't have had time to pull it in the time I dropped him anyway. He was down and wondering what the F hit him much faster that I could have drawn a concealed weapon.

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