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"If you don't like change, you're going to like irrelevance even less."

By redragtoabull ·
General Eric Shinseki, Chief of Staff, U.S. Army as quoted by Tom Peters in Reimagine, DK 2003

Some people in this camp are Certified, some may just be certifiable. Most, I would venture, feel their technical skills are unparalleled (or at least awesome).

20 Years experience! Great!
Awesome projects! Awesome!
Great references! Neat!
MCSE - Terrific!
CCIP - Super!
MBA - Wow!
MSCS - Cool!

Etc., Etc., Etc.

So WHAT!????

You (and me) and 90,000 other people!!!!!!

What makes you/us different?

Let's not be lulled by the prospects of economic recovery and a skilled labor shortage into thinking we will get engagements soley based on our technical skills, academic accomplishments, experience, certifications, references, etc.

In today's world, those qualifications are ONLY the price of admission!!!

To differentiate ourselves, we must DIFFERENTIATE OURSELVES!

We must stand out from the crowd, get noticed, and offer a value proposition that is unique, interesting, and compelling.

One way to do that is by association (or as I like to call it - guilt by association). Who you hang out with to a large extent defines who you are (in the eyes of the rest of world if not your own).

Another way is to take a stand - or have a position/opinion. Of course this is risky. But as they say - no risk no reward.

1)Associate with people who share similar POSITIVE values

2) Stand out! Sure it's different. That's the point!

3) Promote a different IT business model. If you dont like the game - Change the rules!

3) Take a risk - What's with this love stuff anyway? BUT - The only people who will be alienated are the people who DON'T share our values (aren't we tired of them anyway?)

4) CREATE/BUILD/LEVERAGE a network of professionals that back us up when we walk into a Client's office. .NET No problem - PHP no problem - CICS NO PROBLEM.

The point is, to make a change in our life - we MUST do SOMETHING DIFFERENT than we are doing now.

~ Will

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I'll get right on that

by dafe2 In reply to "If you don't like change ...

First, I need to paint my toe nails & take a nap.
That's my stand....aren't you proud?

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I'm sorry to have to tell you

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to "If you don't like change ...

but you are coming across as a complete twonk, and I never associate with twonks.

It gives you a very bad rep.

Just off to paint my nails, so I can stand out with all the other people who paint theirs.

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No Pain No Gain

by redragtoabull In reply to I'm sorry to have to tell ...

Thanks for your feedback - I really do appreciate it.

"The only people who will be alienated are the people who DON'T share our values (aren't we tired of them anyway?)"

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Maybe you're not such a

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to No Pain No Gain

twonk after all. LOL
I stand out everywhere I go. Anybody misses me, I wave, and they notice my nails.
What are you actually trying to achieve ?
An association of technicians who can force their own point of view on business?

If your objective is in the interest of business no force is required, if it isn't then it's suicide technically speaking.

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I must be

by redragtoabull In reply to Maybe you're not such a

a twonk - I dont get the references to nails

Achieve? I guess I am trying to find people who are more interested in making a positive change than complacently bemoaning their current challenges.

No force required, only enough people with similar views and goals.

Billions of people out there - if the connections are made among clients and consultants (both integral parts of the "business") who share common positive values, then, technically speaking, no one would need to force anything on anyone.

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I knew we met!

by dafe2 In reply to I must be

Your one of those airport guys in the whitesheets
handing out leaflets!

Could have waved back yesterday you know. :-(

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I did

by redragtoabull In reply to I knew we met!
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One of us in the wrong thread then !

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I must be

I've never been complacent, and never will be. Go to work for five years wondering whether your employer will still be in business when you get there.

I love challenges, my cv looks like a history lesson in Business IT development. In the last year(ish) I've added Linux, VB, PHP, Perl, & MySQL to a skillset that started commercially in 1986. No badges, no bits of paper, just the skill, talent, enthusiasm, drive and brains that turned me from a clerical assistant in 81 to a Senior Software Design Engineer.

Now what was it I needed you for again ?

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by redragtoabull In reply to One of us in the wrong th ...

I was NOT referring to you sir. Why is it that everyone in these forums wants to immediately get defensive, agressive and personal?

I must be in the wrong (thread).


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Not a problem

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Sorry

My aoplogies too sir, I just read your bio. I'd somehow got the impression, you were some young gun baby business type.
Sort of explains us getting off on completely the wrong foot.
Some of our posters like chucking a bomb in the crowd and watching the fun, many more us like to join in the confusion.
It's not all flaming though, all the regular posters have their likes and dislikes, but there are some very reasoned and informative discussions, technological and otherwise. I learn something new every time I log in.
None of the experienced types are going to go for that spiel at the top though, and there's a heck of a lot of them in this forum on a regular basis.
You'd be much better off with less polish and more content. Some might not agree with you but they may take the trouble to tell you why.

PS When you collect a few new borns do not throw them in the deep end, the analogy breaks down at that point and most of the poor bu**ers will drown.

I did give you both barrels didn't I, a tip though.
What you write here and what we read can be very different.

PS use the change site alias function that url is like a red rag to a bull.

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