If you had to pay for Mozilla Firefox, would you?

By lars_honeytoast ·
I know it all depends on the price, right? I have a feeling that I would pay as much as $20.00 for Firefox, if I had to. I really hope that it never comes to that :), but I was curious if anyone else would pay, not just for Firefox, for another browser.
IE isn't good enough to be an efficient browser and here are my reasons why:
-Security, of course. Most virus authors are more familiar with IE's code and therefore, IE is the focus for malicious users.
-No compatibility with CSS, HTML4, and XHTML.
-Memory requirements
-a heavy burden for regular home user's computer
-Suggested sites feature is a waste

Those seem to be good reasons. I'm interested to know your reasons, pros or cons, of IE.

<b>EDIT: I just realized this should be in the discussion area. My apologies.</b>

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I wouldn't pay it

by Slayer_ In reply to If you had to pay for Moz ...

I would be more inclined to use another browser or make my own.

Actually I don't use firefox anyways, but if I did, I wouldn't pay it.

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I wouldn't either

by shhite In reply to If you had to pay for Moz ...

I wouldnt pay for it either. There are enough good ones out there that are free.

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by Brenton Keegan In reply to If you had to pay for Moz ...

I think the reasons you stated why firefox is inherently more secure is incorrect.

Firefox is the most used browser:http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp

Most virus authors target the most used platform (hence why you don't see many Mac or Linux viruses).

The only think that Firefox has over IE in terms of security is less current 0-days.
(ie has 4 and ff has 1 presently)

You're getting more viruses that target addons to said browsers, like flash. That hits both platforms.

"-No compatibility with CSS, HTML4, and XHTML."

What are you talking about?

"-Memory requirements
-a heavy burden for regular home user's computer"

Both firefox and IE are fairly heavy browsers.

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You should check out this article,

by jfuller05 In reply to ok...

I believe this article explains the "safer" surfing with Firefox better than how Lars did.

Compatibility links:


The Acid 3 test for compatibility ensures that the browser works well with technologies such as CSS, HTML4 and XHTML. However, the test reveals that IE8 falls far short of scores delivered by other new browser software from Google and Mozilla.
I'm just saying. :)

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I believe jfuller explained the position well enough. no text

by lars_honeytoast In reply to ok...
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by magusat999 In reply to If you had to pay for Moz ...

If I had to pay for Firefox, I would be an Opera or Chrome user (at least more of than I am now). if it weren't for some app I like to use that won't plug into Opera, I don't think my usage of Firefox would be as much as it is today. I like FF and all - but it is getting bloated, slow and buggy - even at default install it's slow as molasses. I find myself opening anything but when I want to hop on and off the net - including IE8, which I used to avoid like the plague.

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by seanferd In reply to If you had to pay for Moz ...

If it were fairly cheap (not overpriced like many application offerings) and easy to pay for.

Most likely, I'd just go with another browser, like SeaMonkey. Er, wait - I already do.

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Pay for Mozilla Firefox????

by lgcomms In reply to If you had to pay for Moz ...
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Pay for a browser!?

by smiley97111 In reply to If you had to pay for Moz ...

Yeah, I would. And I did. Don't remember if it was '98 or '99, but it was definitely pre-Y2K I bought licenses to Opera v5.0 for $39.00 each. Two for OS/2, one for Windows 98 and one for Linux (RedHat 6 I think). I still use Opera daily--it has been free for over a decade now--though I also use FireFox almost as much. Chromium comes in a definite third place as I use it only a few times a month.

Personally I don't think paying for software is an evil thing, quite the contrary.


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