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If you had to pay for Mozilla Firefox, would you?

By lars_honeytoast ·
I know it all depends on the price, right? I have a feeling that I would pay as much as $20.00 for Firefox, if I had to. I really hope that it never comes to that :), but I was curious if anyone else would pay, not just for Firefox, for another browser.
IE isn't good enough to be an efficient browser and here are my reasons why:
-Security, of course. Most virus authors are more familiar with IE's code and therefore, IE is the focus for malicious users.
-No compatibility with CSS, HTML4, and XHTML.
-Memory requirements
-a heavy burden for regular home user's computer
-Suggested sites feature is a waste

Those seem to be good reasons. I'm interested to know your reasons, pros or cons, of IE.

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I wouldn't pay it

by Slayer_ In reply to If you had to pay for Moz ...

I would be more inclined to use another browser or make my own.

Actually I don't use firefox anyways, but if I did, I wouldn't pay it.

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ten to twenty dollars sounds about right - heck, that's about

by Deadly Ernest In reply to If you had to pay for Moz ...

what it cost back in the mid 1990s when you paid for both Netscape (the FF predecessor) or IE 4.

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You can

by oldbaritone In reply to If you had to pay for Moz ...

the Foundation accepts donations.
there's a link at

and I agree, it's worth it.

And the biggest ie-minus, firefox-plus you didn't mention, IMHO, is security.
FF with NoScript and AdBlock makes it easy to control what websites do to your computer.
IE makes it very difficult to have that amount of control and still retain useful functionality on desired sites.

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Uh, he did mention security.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to You can

I've paid for other software; I probably would pay for FF. $15-25 sounds right. I greatly dislike the ability to open search results ina a new window in IE by middle-clicking the 'Search' button like I can do in FF. I also dislike the inability to configure and customize IE's toolbars. These are little things, but they keep me from using it for anything other than the few sites FF can't render properly.

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That is exactly why I stopped using IE as well

by Slayer_ In reply to Uh, he did mention securi ...

After IE6 you can no longer configure the tool bars. You can't add text to the button names, you can't make the buttons bigger. You can't, in any way, tone down the fail of internet explorer.

However, FF lacked the sort of customization I want, Opera has very nice toolbar customization, but I always end up with Avant or Orca for customization. I am so used to having the tabs at the bottom of the screen, having large buttons with full text.

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Same here.

by lars_honeytoast In reply to Uh, he did mention securi ...

The only time I use IE, now, is when features of a website are absent with Firefox.

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Sure, it's worth it.

by jfuller05 In reply to If you had to pay for Moz ...

I enjoy using Firefox, however, I do like Opera more. With Opera, you have speed dial, some nice gadgets, and tab repositioning. It's all fairly cosmetic, but I do like those features.

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by jck In reply to If you had to pay for Moz ...

That's the quick answer.

Other software is just as good and free.

I'd go to Chrome or Opera before paying.

Back when it was IE and Netscape Navigator, I paid for Netscape Navigator Gold.

IE even sucked back then.

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Oh, yes

by NickNielsen In reply to If you had to pay for Moz ...

I might even go so far as to pay $30.

Firefox has its issues, but IE leaves me cold. After the inability to effectively secure it, the biggest IE fail for me is the inability to customize the toolbars (or even move them, for chrissake).

I've tried other browsers, but keep coming back to Firefox.

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