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If you had to review 2020 so far, what would your review say?

By tcavadias Staff ·
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One of TechRepublic's Contributing Writer's posed this question on Facebook:

"If you had to review 2020 so far, what would your review say?"

Leaving the politics out of it - what would your review say? Post in the comments below.

- Tam
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Leaves a lot to be desired

by OH Smeg In reply to If you had to review 2020 ...

Here we started the year with Bush Fires that came towards the end of a long drought so the wild big fires that burnt for months was not unexpected nor the floods that came after putting out the fires eventually.

After all it had to rain at some point and here that generally means a flood after a long time without rain in any quantities, though it could also mean short rain that allows the grass to grow quickly and then die off to help spread fires it is either one or the other.

But with the Corvid Virus making the rounds that has finished off any possibility the year will get better, still no treatment for the infection other than treating symptoms and virtually no way to prevent the spread means we all have to be extremely careful and try not to catch it while still earning a living.

So most of the farming community is taken out by the drought and any that may have part way survived were burnt out so many towns in the countryside are all but nonexistent followed by an infection with no treatment or way to prevent has finished off the year for us

Till they get some form of treatment people are going to continue dying needlessly and travel is out of the question unless you subscribe to the Crazy Theories that it doesn't spread in children at school or in aircraft so even local travel in Australia is more or less cancelled with no hope of any International Travel for a couple of years most likely.

Even doing my "Normal" job is fraught with dangers and the slightest sniffle is treated as a Killing Infection so we just have to sit back and wait out this time and hope that some form of Vaccine is made hopefully sooner rather than latter.

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Started with hopes

by Phayte In reply to If you had to review 2020 ...

but so far has left a lot to be desired. If this were a movie, I think I'd be heading for the exit and asking management for a refund of the ticket price. This year is playing out like an unending episode of "The Twilight Zone", and it may influence what we as human beings refer to as "normal" for a long time.

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