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If you think YOU'RE cold...

By Tig2 ·
The current actual temperature where I live is -17. With wind chill, we are at a smoking 33 below. Today's HIGH will be -2. NOTE: I speak in Fahrenheit.

About two or three hours north of me it is currently -30. The high there will rise to a balmy -9. The wind chill is -55.

So what does a discussion about the frosty land where I live have to do with technology? Lots. Think about it.

The technology that we live with on a daily basis is so pervasive that it is almost invisible until it stops working and therefore doing whatever it is that we wanted it for. But how happy are your electronic devices when they are in extreme weather?

Do you have a GPS device that is not built in to your vehicle? Do you leave it on the dash when you park your car? Do you live where there is extreme hot or extreme cold? Ever have your GPS go goofy on you after it has been subjected to extreme temperature? I have.

Since I live in extreme cold and used to live in extreme heat, I have had the opportunity to see what happens to a variety of electronic devices. Some manage the weather just fine while others suffer in silence. Silence that is the result of them powering off independently, refusing to turn on, or just plain breaking.

So what do you do when the weather is challenging? First, recognize that if you are miserable in the weather you're having, your electronics may be even less thrilled and completely unable to put on a coat or move into the air conditioning all by themselves. Give them a hand.

Because I live in a state that experiences life threatening cold, I keep a winter survival kit in the trunk of my car. This kit includes things like battery jumper cables, bottled water, protein or energy bars, a flashlight, extra batteries, emergency flares, de-icing fluid, gloves, emergency blanket, towel, and a small first aid kit. It also contains an insulated bag that can be sealed reasonably well.

As many of you know, I drive a very small, fuel efficient Saturn. No, my kit does NOT occupy the entire trunk. Yes, it can be accessed from the interior of the vehicle without venturing outside.

In the event of an emergency, I can get to things like first aid, warmth that is independent of the car, food, and water. I can also protect my electronics by putting them into that insulated bag and sealing it. That will at least prolong the time that my cell phone will continue to work until help arrives. Since my GPS prefers to be plugged in but will run on battery power, I turn it off until I need to pinpoint my location to assist anyone trying to find me. It will stay reasonably warm in that insulated bag along with my other devices.

Were I feeling so adventurous as to step outside on a day like today, I would be carrying any needed electronics in a lined leather handbag with the compartment they are in carried closest to my body. In a pinch, I would carry them in my pockets where the down jacket I live in over the winters would provide them with some degree of protection and warmth.

Having lived in both Phoenix, AZ and the Twin Cities, I have seen both sides of the extreme weather thing. I have literally watched an egg fry on the sidewalk and I have gotten frostbite. I have learned through experience that many electronic devices don't much care for extremes and that it is important to consider their health and well being when confronted by weather that even you don't much care for.

If you are in the Midwest, I wish you luck starting your car at the end of the day, a supply of lock de-icer, and the warm or warming beverage of your choice. On a day like today, you will need it!

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there's an advantage to where you live now

by jck In reply to If you think YOU'RE cold. ...

as long as the humidity stays down, put your computers outside...the cooling would let you overclock them and get you better performance.

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Don't need to put them outside

by Tig2 In reply to there's an advantage to w ...

Even with the furnace on overtime and double glazed windows, the temperature downstairs is around 50. Upstairs is a bit warmer but the fuzzy slippers and a hoodie have become part of my wardrobe.

Thank God I don't have to GO anywhere today. There is a decided advantage to having to do laundry!

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by jck In reply to Don't need to put them ou ...

I am glad I don't live there. I'd be dead. i'm not that tough :^0

p.s.- can you imagine air overclocking with -30F? HOLY SMOKES!!! TAKE THE CASE PANELS OFF THE SERVERS!!! :^0

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If yourhouse can stand the extra humidity

by TonytheTiger In reply to Don't need to put them ou ...

they make a valve that goes in line with your dryer vent hose to redirect the heat inside (It also has a screen so heat and humidity is all you get). Ours blows right into the bathroom... where a little extra heat can be appreciated :)

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I tried one of those

by jdclyde In reply to If yourhouse can stand th ...

but you still get the lint past the screen. I couldn't handle that trade-off.

The heat was nice, but the whole how was damp and lint covered everything.

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I hadn't noticed...

by TonytheTiger In reply to I tried one of those

Before I got that, I used to just pull off the hose and put a stocking over it :)

My house is so big (5 bedroom, 2 bath) and drafty that you'd never notice the extra moisture... I could fill a mop bucket with water and leave it sit and it would evaporate in two days.

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Winter humidity or lack thereof....

by JamesRL In reply to If yourhouse can stand th ...

I made some changes to my house, and moved my dryer downstairs. The handyman hasn't come to reroute the dryer exhaust so we are venting to the basement. You might think this is awful, except that in the winter the air gets really very dry here - chapped lips etc. We do run our dehumidifier in the basement if we get condensation, but it will do till the spring.


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What are you doing about the lint?

by jdclyde In reply to Winter humidity or lack t ...

have something for a filter?

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Pantyhose on the end of the hose

by JamesRL In reply to What are you doing about ...

Works great. Have to clean it every once in a while.


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Yours or hers?

by jdclyde In reply to Pantyhose on the end of t ...

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