Final Update -- Trying ATT UVerse on for size...

By boxfiddler Moderator ·
Is anyone using it?

I'm thinking of dumping Charter in favor of UVerse. Thoughts, opinions, advice will be highly appreciated, and thumbed.

Any known issues with Linux?


HAL? Better know who you are if you answer this!

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Interesting discussion here

by Jacky Howe In reply to [i]Final Update[/i] -- Tr ...

and I really can't comment not having used either. But it will give you a bump if nothing else.

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Thanks Jacky...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Interesting discussion he ...

I've been finding both good and bad reviews, most of it 6 months or more old. Hadn't got to those yet.

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You will have to weigh up

by Jacky Howe In reply to Thanks Jacky...

the pros and the cons. Good luck.

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Yeah, that's why I'm looking for some personal experiences...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to You will have to weigh up

from folks I 'know'. :)

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I'll see if I can find anything

by seanferd In reply to [i]Final Update[/i] -- Tr ...

I know some folks around here who use it. Are you going to use it for TV or just internet access?

As far as internet and AT&T, I use their DSL, and Linux/BSD of various flavors have presented no issues. Heck, I even got connectivity with Haiku (BeOS) in a VM.

AT&T will add another box to the side of your house, and give you some type of gateway/modem/router/cable box thingumie as well.

edit: I should point out that speeds offered by Uverse are higher that the normal DSL speeds, (VDSL) as it runs over fiber to a neighborhood node (big ugly green box*), or possibly right to your door.

The video to your TV is MPEG 4 encoded.

* Been known to explode, but that's been fixed.

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Thanks seanferd, I appreciate it...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to I'll see if I can find an ...

TV and Internet. I can - supposedly - get comparable Internet speed as well as drastically up our channel load for significantly less than what Charter is screwing me for.

Fiber to the node, copper to the house.

*As long as we're not here when it explodes, and the whole house burns down, and we can sue the sh*t out of ATT after, that's cool with me.

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Explosions at the node

by seanferd In reply to Thanks seanferd, I apprec ...

not the house. Due to poorly designed or manufactured batteries (sound familiar?). That company is out of business.

So, explosions in the street. Some may applaud the demise of such an ugly green box, providing shrapnel does not break their windows or persons.

The box on your house is just a junction box, like the one for phone service.

The internet speed should be good, it needs to be good for the broadcast video over IP.

The only problem I encountered in my limited exposure (I was tiling a shower nearby) was that sound was lost on one of two televisions. A quick call resulting in instructions to cycle power on the router-thingumie had it sorted straight away.

If you have very old copper in the house, rewiring your internal phone lines should ensure a quality signal. I actually did this when I got DSL, but the speed stayed about the same. If the old lines aren't bad, they may be better than new, so YMMV. Make sure any perceived speed or signal quality issues are not the result of other factors first, as rewiring can be a PITA depending on the house.

Anyway, I'll ask these not-very-technically-inclined folks for their opinions, and I'll try to do a speed test if allowed. One test does not make a good sample size, but it may be worth something.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Explosions at the node

we do have fairly old copper in the house. Hmmm... looks like a no-fun job. Thanks for something to think about in the event we have problems.

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Waiting for them...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to [i]Final Update[/i] -- Tr ... be available in my sub-division, so I can dump Comcast.

I have a friend in the Bolingbrook, IL area that has the service. The picture quality is as close to real-life as you can get. When it is storming, he often calls to see whether or not my Comcraptic picture is pixelating (of course it is....and a slight digression, I had Dish Network prior to moving, and it was much more reliable in bad weather than Comcast).

The price package in my area is also fantastic: $129 gets you full boat everything (from what the rep at the AT&T store said a couple months back when I inquired). I pay $50 more than that now, and don't get premium channels.

Looking forward to the call to Comcast to cancel service!!

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Is your friend happy with the service?

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Waiting for them...

Does your friend get TV and Internet?

Thanks if you can offer any second hand details.

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