IGMP disconnects web based please!

By kevineaton77 ·
hi, i hope you are all well.

ok, a customer of mine has reported the following problem.

they have a web based CRM that they browse to.
if they access it from anywhere other than via their domain from their homes, from the library, from any other pc, they dont have issues. if they plug in a laptop to their lan and dont authenticate to the domain, they dont have problems.

if they plug into their lan and log on to their domain they get kicked off about 5 times every hour. they can use it, but its annoying.

they have a windows sbs2003 as a PDC and a 2003 standard server. the standard server seems to do nothing except be a proxy, using IGMP. the SBS is the PDC and has exchange and is the dns and dhcp server. they have about 20 client PC's all running XP pro.

i dont know very much about this kind of setup, but im assuming its the proxy.

does anybody know how i can get this partivular url to bypass the proxy or is there another better way to sort this out?

please help!

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Try SBS blog

by CG IT In reply to IGMP disconnects web base ...
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ok, sure but...

by kevineaton77 In reply to Try SBS blog

just to be clear, it is a proprietary crm, not a sbs crm. it is available by web browser and hosted externally.

i could really do with someone who knows this kind of setup as to if i am even in the right ball park with suspecting the proxy, and if so, how i can get round it.

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well that's far different.

by CG IT In reply to ok, sure but...

hosted offsite, shouldn't have any bearing on whether they uses SBS or not.

So with that in mind, you mention proxy so what proxy server is it? if it's ISA server, well I can't see it working intermittently, but stranger thinks have happened.

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i dont know...

by kevineaton77 In reply to well that's far different ...

i guess its isa. i dont think its running any other proxy servers, at least theres no software installed on that box that has any proxy functions.

what i want to know is if i can just bypass the proxy (if thats what it is) for that web url, as as i said before, if they dont authenticate on the domain, there isnt an issue, so presumably those un authenticated clients dont run through the proxy? or is it that they dont run through the SBS?

either way if i can give them the "non domain" type access for that web url we are home and there a way of doing that?

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by kevineaton77 In reply to i dont know...

the server that appears to be the proxy is a MS 2003 standard server, not SBS.

it sits between the router and the main switch for the LAN

as you can tell, i dont know a lot about this kind of setup, although im learning!

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