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IIS 5.1 deployed on Win XP pro-users?

By manojc ·
I have deployed a small site for facilitatiing interoffice communication & document access on win xp using iis 5.1
I had found out that 10 'concurrent' users can be connected at one time.
My doubt is abt the definition of word 'concurrent'. Since my 'web-server' serves only web pages (light content) and pdf document over the office intranet, does that mean that a connection is defined as the time required by a client to connect to this server, download a page/pdf document and then the connection is closed, or does it mean that the connection remains till he closes his web browser?
this is the prevailing confusion..
I just want to manage the disaster before it happens.. (regarding the 'concurrent users')
would be highly obliged if any of the experienced members have anything to comment.
Thanks in advance

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by BFilmFan In reply to IIS 5.1 deployed on Win X ...

The answer is that a client does not automatically release an IP connection until the timeout period is reached, which by default is 128 seconds in Windows XP for the socket.

Thus, a client may not actually have 10 concurrent IP connections, but may have no more available due to the timeout period not yet having been reached.

The real answer is to install a server and not attempt to use a workstation operating system as a server.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to IIS 5.1 deployed on Win X ...

As BFilmFan said the IP is not released when the required file/s are obtained generally speaking the contact will remain open while the program accessing the file/s is in operation or one of the computers is turned off.

What you need if you are using more than 10 workstations is a small Domain with a server capable of allowing more than 10 concurrent connections at a single time. MS built this upper limit into XP Pro so they could sell Server OS and there really is no way around the problem unless you wish to duplicate the File System on several different computers and have them auto update but it would be cheaper to go with a server.


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by p.j.hutchison In reply to IIS 5.1 deployed on Win X ...

Windows XP IIS is mainly used for Developers and not for wider access for users.
Really you need Windows 2003 SBS or the 2003 Web Edition for this task.

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by manojc In reply to IIS 5.1 deployed on Win X ...

My thanks to BfilmFan, HAL 9000 & P.J.Hutchinson.
The concept of concurrent users has become clear.
So far so good.. that means if ten concurrent users access this site it should be ok(the site is expected to be accessed by around 20 users, and the access would be very infrequent) The corporate firewall will block all outside access, i think it would be practical to deploy this arrangement for my office. At this stage,I think,it would be a bit pre-mature to go for a server solution due to cost considerations etc.Also, according to HAL, MS has built this upper limit in XP so that they can sell their server OS, which makes me think, if there is any open source OS like LINUX, which can host a similar site without such 'strings attached' settings.The configuration of my desktop is:- P-4 2.8 Ghz HT, some 800 Mhz FSB, 512 MB RAM,80 GB HDD),the network(LAN) is wired with CAT-6 cabling connected using L2 switches, though 10/100 MBPS network is onboard on all PC's.
Any suggestions on LINUX OS with appropriate webserver software for hosting this site? Thanks in Advance.
Thank u!

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just try Apache

by todd In reply to

Why not just bypass IIS and run Apache on your XP machine rather then going completely to Linux?

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