IIS 6.0 and MSSQL 7

By denise ·
It's not possible to install MSSQL Server 7 on Windows 2003 Server, but it seems that it is possible to upgrade a Windows 2000 Server, that has MSSQL Server 7 installed, to a Windows 2003 Server. I have seen such an environment!
Now my company develops a suite of softwares that has a Desktop portion and a Web portion.
The desktop portion is able do connect to this MSSQL 7 in Windows 2003 Server and include, delete, alter etc data on the data base.
The web portion, DLLs developed in Delphi7 running under IIS 6, however, cannot connect to the MSSQL 7.
Both applications use ADO and MSDAC to establish the connection, so there is no ODBC or BDE involved.
Since Microsoft clearly states that Windows 2003 Server does not support SQL Server 7, will it be at all possible to connect IIS 6 to the SQL Server 7?

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