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    by hendrik ·

    I hvae iis 5.1 on my Pc running XP sp1 256 MB memorry.

    As from today when I start my iis server my cpu is running at 100%, I must then stop my iis server to have the system to normal. It has work without probelms till today.

    Any idea how to fix this

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      could be a worm

      by tgvisionary ·

      In reply to iis

      This sounds like the symptoms of a worm. Make sure you have the latest MS Updates installed.
      You can be sure by unplugging from the network. and rebooting. If IIS acts normal, plug back into the network. If IIS goes nuts, then you are either being attacked or you are succeptable to a worm.
      One other thing you might want to try is turning on your XP firewall. has info half way down the page on how to turn it on.

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