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IIS and ASP problems

By scott.willett ·
Cannot get my ASP pages to work. When I reboot the server, the ASP pages work for about 15 minutes.

After that, they bug out. What gives.

If I reboot, they come back, then 15 minutes later, go away.



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by eBob In reply to IIS and ASP problems

Sometimes I've seen this when parts of IIS stopped. Usually explicitly stopping and restarting the IIS service worked, sometimes rebooting was required.

But on a regular basis, and only staying for 15 minutes?!?! Yipes!

I would suggest that there may be a different problem.

Of course all of your service packs and virus software are up to date?

You've alreayd tried uninstalling/reinstalling IIS?

What background services do you also have running on your server? Try shutting most ofthem off, including (gulp) your virus software. How are things? If OK, then try turning one of those services back on and live with that for a few hours. See if you can identify a conflict in the software. You might be able to "fix" it by changing the order in which these services load at startup (some registry fiddling, I would guess).

And then there's the possibility that there is a hardware problem. This would likely show up with other software giving problems, but you should try to find some diagnostics software to check your RAM, HDD, HDD controllers, etc.

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