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By davisg ·
I am trying to configure a virtual directory using existing asp files. It just brings up a menu that in turn brings up a list of folders for users to upload and download files. Basically a simple ftp type situation. I need to use windows authentications for access. When the desired folders are on the same server as IIS it has no trouble. When I put the folders on another server, the only way I can get the folders is with anonymous access turned on. Is it the programming or permissions. I have tried everything. Does anyone have a clue?

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by roberto In reply to IIS and folder access

If I remember correctly, accessing network resources with IIS is not possible when using anonymous access, and the IUSR account used by IIS is a local machine account. This is because the local account used by IIS does not have rights to access the other servers.
If you configure IIS (or the virtual directory) for authenticated access ony, and thus disable the anonymous access, you'll force the users to authenticate, and then IS will be acessing the network resources using the user's crediential, and thus, as long as the user has access to the shares on the other server, this should work. I also believe you'll need to disable "integrated authentication" and just leave "basic authentication". With integrated authentication, the IIS server does not have the actual user account (username/password combination), but rather only has the authentication ticket for the user that is available locally. This "ticket" can't be used to access network resources. I you only have "basic authentication", this forcs the user to enter a username/password in the browser, which is passed on to IIS. IIS will then indeed have the username/wpwd for the user, which is then used to proved them access to the network shares.

...I'm working off memory, so I hope this is all as I remember...!

Roberto F.

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by davisg In reply to Authentication

Than you, that worked. I was just avoiding using basic because it sent it in th clear. Would it help to use a certificate to back it up?

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