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    IIS hardcoded ??


    by namitswar ·

    Hi all,

    We are using IIS 5.0 for the default website of our hotel internet service in Holland.
    The IIS server connection limit is set to 10 simultaneous logins.The server stops processing when logins go abbove 10.When i try to change the connection limit to unlimited or 50 it gives message that the connection limit is hardcoded to value 10. What is this hardcoded stuff ??

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      IIS Hardcoded

      by dave shaw ·

      In reply to IIS hardcoded ??

      If your IIS installation is running on a workstation product rather than a server product, then yes – your inbound connections are limited to Ten.

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        Yes u r right

        by namitswar ·

        In reply to IIS Hardcoded

        Yes u r right , its working on Win 2k Pro.

        maybe times come to upgrade it.

        Goede dag
        Good day


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