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    IIS Performace Issue (Gzip / PDF)


    by yagneshu ·

    I have a web based Application developed in .NET and backend Oracle10G. Majority this application has dynamic pages. It takes very long time to open the pages and do the data entry.

    From networking side i have IP/VPN to different locations. Presently IIS compression is not enabled. Do you feel enabling Gzip & deflate performace will increase ?

    I have also heard abt incompatibility between dynamically generated PDF & Gzip.

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      by yagneshu ·

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      Can’t say it’s IIS from way back here

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to IIS Performace Issue (Gzip / PDF)

      You need to do some profiling in your .net code.
      opening connection, getting the data generating the page etc.
      If I was taking a guess my thought would be generating the pdf itself, or simply just running up the viewer on the client.

      Not a solution I would have chosen for dataentry.
      pdf viewer has about the worst start up characteristics I ever seen, it’s hideously slow.

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