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IIS Reactions Under Different Accounts

By ITGL72 ·
I have discovered an odd problem in a workgroup of servers recently. This is on an NT4 network which is up to date on security patches. I noticed it on my IIS web server, and proxy server. I have tried for the last several days to try and find a resource online to explain/fix what's been happening. The best I have found were a handful of unanswered posts on the public forums about somewhat similar occurrences to other administrators.

Basically my problem is this:

I login under my personal administrative account, bring up IIS, and view the sites with out a problem, all is well.

If I login with the computers administrator account, or even my partners personal administrative account, IIS displays the websites and ftp sites as:FTP Site #1 Stopped FTP Site #2 Stopped

Website #1 Stopped Website #2 Stopped

So its not displaying the name of the actual ftp/website, and its displaying it as stopped. However if you try to access these websites from the internet they are functioning properly. But like I said, login under my personal administrative account and all the sites are displayed correctly with their names, and running.

I have been unable to find anything solid as to why this is occurring or how to rectifyit. Might just be a glitch in NT4 IIS4, who knows... Any suggestions?

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IIS Reactions Under Different Accounts

by curlergirl In reply to IIS Reactions Under Diffe ...

Although I have not experienced this problem, one possible cause to explore would be permissions. Since you are logging on locally to the server to MANAGE the web site, not just VIEW it, the user logging on would have to have administrative-level permissions to the local drives and directories, as well as administrative permissions to the web site itself. Have you checked this out?

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IIS Reactions Under Different Accounts

by martin_devlin In reply to IIS Reactions Under Diffe ...

Are you the only person listed as WebSite Operator? This is a setting in the Metabase that defaults to (local) Administrators.

Any NT services set to run as you rather than local system?

Assuming your partner is a local admin, what if he viewsIIS from his workstation in the ISM?

Just some ideas...

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IIS Reactions Under Different Accounts

by ITGL72 In reply to IIS Reactions Under Diffe ...

Well I have tried several things. On another computer within the same workgroup/subnet I logged in as my partner, and added an MMC for IIS. I added a total of 3 web servers into this MMC from this workgroup/subnet. From this machine my partners account can see all the web servers, website names, running, etc. I login with my account and I get the web/ftp site stopped, no name. WTH?

I got back to the original server - made the same MMC via my partners account and nothing. Displays the same thing as usual, sites stopped, no site names.

We are members of the same administrators group on these machines!

I looked into services and WWW Publishing, IIS Admin Service, and FTP Publishing service are all set to automatic startup, logon as system account (with the radio button dimmed)

I looked into the f:/inetpub drive and made sure administrators and domain admins were set to full control and everyone group was set to read and execute and made it populate these permissions all the way down the directory tree, I had to take ownership of some files in order to change the permissions even with administrative rites under my account.

I'm wondering what permissions or groups I may be missing perhaps on these directories the hold the websites and the program files?

What absolutely HAS TO BE in the inetpub/winnt permissions ACL? Does the SYSTEM account have to be in there? Its not on either...

What do you think?

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