IIS state server Hd requirements

By brandanfranklin ·
Hello, and thanks in advance for any advice.
I am getting ready to implement a iis state server for a large ecommerce site. What i need to know is how much space i am going to need. My main concern is how the state server handles log files and the space needed for these logs.

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HD Requirements

Its all dependent on what you mean by "large ecommerce site"

The more stuff on it, and the more traffic on the site, the more space you will need. If you are contracting to re-vamp the servers for "", then you need a LOT of disk space.
If the new site is ""
then a 40G hdd will probably handle things just fine.

Because of the pain involved with UPGRADING the hard drive, and the cheapness of new hard drives, I would make a Terabyte or two RAID setup. The unused space WILL NOT get in your way or slow you down.

By the time you are needing more than that space, you will be ready to cluster multiple servers into a server farm situation anyway.

If I were planning a "LARGE ECOMMERCE SITE", I would also second-guess the plans to run it on IIS. I would look hard at FreeBSD/Apache
Freebsd is the preferred server of a LOT of big-time hosts. At one point,,,, and thousands of other sites all used FreeBSD

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