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    IIS using NTLM for Novell Clients


    by jhamm99 ·

    I have an Intranet running IIS 4.0 with NTLM only. I do not want to enable Basic or Anonymous Access. I do not want to install the Microsoft Client. 1/3 of our users are Novell. Is there a utility to allow a authentication pass thru to allow these users access to the web server? Or is there a way to authenticate Novell users so they can access the web servers pages using Microsoft NTLM?

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      IIS using NTLM for Novell Clients

      by erikdr ·

      In reply to IIS using NTLM for Novell Clients

      There are ways, but all aren’t simple.
      Passtrough from Novell authentication to NTLM authentication could be done in several ways. Assuming that for these users you still want Novell to be the primary logon system, you could use NDS for NT in a separate domain. Then this would have its SAM replicated from NDS. Finally, you let the IIS domain trust this NDS ‘domain’ and a user would automatically be authenticated to IIS.
      If Novell can be replaced by the MS Novell-clone (File & Print Services for NetWare) then more options apply.

      Still assuming that you do not want the Novell users to authenticate with NTLM userid/password at first logon to IIS, the other routes would include Single SignOn options not unlike the NDS one. In all cases, some kind of directory merges the NTLM and Novell data, and users only log on once. Examples are Bullsoft AccessMaster SSO and CA’s eTrust SSO.

      Hope this helps,

      / The Netherlands

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