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I'll bet on open source and buy HP stock

By GregStarr ·
Not necessarily the same thing but just my way of looking at things. The place for clouds is for BI should ultimately measure changes in health, wellbeing and extended quality survival per person cared for per dollar. While getting more people in the door, doing more surgery, cutting the most cost, being considered the highest quality, and other short term apparent gains are momentary at best. I'll save that whole discussion for another time because there is a lot of issue on how well American medicine does in taking care of people like you (if you are American and me.)

I'll mention two reasons why cloud services aren't or at least shouldn't be able to hack it in improving quality in personal health care. The first is that personal health care is "personal." I'm not using personal as a synonym for confidential. I mean that all patients are not the same. The location of where medical information is created is where the care takes place.

No patient means no doctor, no hospital, no insurance, no EMR, no pharm, no medical supplies. Those above that don't happen to be in the patient or almost patients are acting as if they don't need to make patients better. Its like paying someone a flat cost to feed you for a year. There is a center of information between doctor, hospitals, clinic and payors but imagine that this all becomes transparent. Whatever isn't making the patient better is a waste of time and money. Quality or poor care occurs where the patient meets the care giver. The rest is marketing abstractions. American medicine is layered with abstraction most of which are pathetic waste.

Look at other medical systems. England, ranked one of the top five in validated medical care indices, has a universal chart system. I've looked into it a bit but it is generally accepted as being effective. No country has as ambitious a EMR plans. Concentration on the information center above could easily be construed as a major fault in American medicine. Where the information is happening is where the care giver and the patient meet. I happen to be highly optimistic about the focusing the information between the patient and the care giver. It is really only then that we will see the restoration of the concept of the personal physician. Think about it, most people actually had a doctor join in the implicit contract of providing us with the care that was too our best interest.(more some other time.)

So why the optimism. Medical information is growing at accelerating rate. The National Library of Science lists over 700,000 words in the biological science, and noise is increasing in relatively proportionally. For every good idea circulating in medicine, not unlike the information circulating EMR, there are a greater number of bad ideas. In brief the computer is going more assistance than imaginable in eliminating middle men and assisting the care givers in making increasingly complex decisions and caring procedures to the patient. For those who are re-bottling old technology really should consider seriously what they are doing.

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