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I'll give LinkedIn a second look,

By wowlibrarian ·
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If you do look at LinkedIn

by wowlibrarian In reply to I'll give LinkedIn a seco ...

If you do look at LinkedIn again, I'd welcome the opportunity to connect with you. Just send me an invite:
No strings attached.

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Odd, I thought I'd conversed with most TR members from the Cola. area

by CharlieSpencer In reply to If you do look at LinkedI ...

Funny how you've been at TR this long and I'm just now bumping into you. We learn something new every day; does this mean I can go home now?

I may take you up on your generous offer, but I'm a bit mystified. To put it as politely as I'm capable, why would you 'welcome the opportunity' to connect to a near-total stranger, especially one you may not encounter again?

As I formed the question, I realized I couldn't answer it myself if I was asked. I suspect that may be a key factor in my inability to 'network', either on line or off.

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Typically I don't connect on Linkedin with strangers

by JamesRL In reply to Odd, I thought I'd conver ...

The one exception is where: a) we have common close friends and b) we are in the same industry.

To me the whole purpose of LinkedIn is to share your network of friends for everyone's mutual advantage. I don't think it helps anyone if you don't actually know them.

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She'd welcome the opportunity to

by hippiekarl In reply to Odd, I thought I'd conver ...

get you interested in 'mentoring' on the LinkedIn forums (even though you're a near-total stranger'), if I've followed it properly....

It's a compliment to your tech savvy AND willingness to talk shop (as evidenced hereabouts). It could lead to more business and/or more BBQs for you around SC, if you find yourself amenable....

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"more business and/or more BBQs"

by CharlieSpencer In reply to She'd welcome the opportu ...

I'm not self-employed; more business isn't an issue. I stay plenty busy where I'm employed now.

More BBQs? Did you miss the part on original discussion where I expressed my dislike of social functions, my inability to make small talk or remember introductions? Why would I want MORE of that?

I have no clue what's involved in mentoring. I've never imagined myself on the senior side of such a relationship. I fear it's too late in my career to become the junior partner, assuming I could figure out the social protocol for approaching a potential mentor, or even find one. I'm happy providing support on an informal basis, but to me the word 'mentoring' implies a more formal, structured relationship.

I appreciate your interpretations, but I'd really hoped to hear back from wowlibrarian herself. I hope the 'Take Offline' hasn't reduced the visibility of the discussion and that she can find it.

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I'm not too sociable myself

by hippiekarl In reply to "more business and/or mor ...

on or offline (come to that), and I got your reservations about it over there. It just seemed there was a professional compliment contained in her offer that may have been lost on you.....

(I'll just wander off now.)

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to I'm not too sociable myse ...

"It just seemed there was a professional compliment contained in her offer that may have been lost on you....."

I don't recognize anything I posted in the original discussion as worthy of being complimented. But don't wander off; I hope this doesn't feel like you've led a mule to water only to find he doesn't even know how to drink.

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Since I know you're not fishing, I'll spell it out:

by hippiekarl In reply to Clearly.

The implicit compliment was not to any particular thing you 'posted in the original discussion', but rather (as Kassner pointed out early in santeewelding's send-off) to your overall contribution here. Thus you were addressed as someone's first choice for a wish-list....

Now you say you're going to give it a shot; good for you. I hope it's beneficial to all concerned.

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I'm taking wowlibrarian / Catherine up on her offer

by CharlieSpencer In reply to If you do look at LinkedI ...

I found something a bit ... unsettling ... about the 'Contact' wizard. I had to choose from one of the following:

We have done business
I don't know this person

The first three clearly didn't apply. 'Other' required me to enter her e-mail address, which I don't know. Choosing 'I don't know this person' wouldn't permit me to send the 'Contact' invite, returning me back to this list. 'Friend' was the only remaining viable option. I dislike immensely the trend of using the word 'friend' to refer to complete strangers. This is clearly related to my other social issues, but I don't consider someone a friend solely on the basis of having exchanged a couple of posts in a forum.

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to I'm taking wowlibrarian / ...

They devised that whole process just to make you uncomfortable

Whatever happened to acquaintance? Too a'quaint?

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