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Illegal copy of XP killed my computer?

By darthvier88 ·
We got this computer from a friend who works on IT (builds servers and stuff like that). At the time we were aware that the installed copy of XP was not registered.
A few days ago my wife decided to try to register so she could download some updates, and got a pop-up message indicating the copy of XP was illegal.
We bought a new copy of XP, and since she has many programs on the hard drive that she wants to keep, I also got a her a new HD to install as the master and load the brand new OS on it.
When I shut the computer down to install the new HD, as the log off window was closing, I got a pop up error from windows, indicating the computer had been running an illegal copy of XP, and then it shut down.
I put the new HD in, set it as a master, and then plug the box back, so I could load the OS on the new drive, but when I tried turning the computer on, nothing happened. I troubleshot the system, and everything seems to be in perfect working order, and there is no tell tale smell to show any of the components were burned. Power supply tests as being functional, and there is power going to the motherboard, but system will not start.
Does anyone know of something like this happening? Could Microsoft have installed some program to avoid the computer form coming back on,and taht is the pop-up window I got when i shut the system down? short of pulling the motherboard out and installing it on another box, what can I do to make this one work?

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by TheChas In reply to Illegal copy of XP killed ...

Don't be paranoid, most likely, this is just a coincidence. The only thing I know of that Microsoft does when an illegal copy of the OS is detected is to disable the OS. It should boot up to the activation screen and require a new license key before it will load the OS.

By the way, while I do activate XP, I seldom if ever register it. Registration offers little or no benefit other than giving Microsoft some additional marketing information.

First off, check what happens with no drives connected at all. Unplug both the IDE cable and power plug from both hard drives and see if you can boot into BIOS setup.

Assuming you can boot into the BIOS, shut down and double check the jumper settings on both hard drives.

If you have 2 hard drives on the same IDE cable, one must be set to master, the other set to slave. UNLESS you are using a cable select style cable. Then both drives need to be set to cable select and the order of the plug ins selects which drive is master and which is the slave.

If you have just one drive connected, it must to set for single drive mode, which may be different than master.

Next, make sure that one of the drive power connectors is not mis-wired.

If all of the above checks good, the next thing to check is the rated wattage of the power supply. Depending on the specifics of the system, you could need anywhere from 300 to 500 watts to run multiple hard drives.

If the system boots with just 1 HDD connected, the power supply is right on the edge for running the basic system.


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by Whiskeyman4th In reply to Illegal copy of XP killed ...

try pulling the lcd battery out of the mother board for 2 hours then put it back in and try again

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by Whiskeyman4th In reply to Illegal copy of XP killed ...

try pulling the lcd battery out of the mother board for 2 hours then put it back in and try again

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Illegal copy of XP killed ...

I have to agree with Chas here as the installed copy of XP was most likely a Volume License Version which doesn't require activation and defiantly not registration which I never do. However there are some problems with the Volume License Copies I've been using these in Business since XP became available and with every major upgrade to the Basic XP System I've had to change Product Keys so that when SP1 hit the streets a new product key was required the same when SP2 hit the streets and again when WGA became available. More a nuisance than anything else really.

If the system is running but you are not seeing anything on the monitor my first bet would be the Power Supply I've seen a couple of these faulty that run but prevent the system from POSTing and I would remove the HDD that you have fitted as well as it most likely is unnecessary and a power drain that you don' need.

If you wish to reinstall the OS you can do an Inplace Install by following the directions here

By doing the install this way you'll keep all your existing software installed and just be reinstalling the OS.

But for your problem reset the system back to original and see if it works. If it does then the most likely thing is that you've made a mistake in the jumper settings of both of the HDD and you are getting an error or hardware incompatibility problem but first change to a Known Good Power Supply to test you may be surprised by the difference that happens.


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by local support In reply to Illegal copy of XP killed ...

Install Win2k SP4

Also get the critical security M$ updates on a CD (network administrators version).

Update firewall and anti-virus.

If this don't work, scrap your pc.

( install drivers for your hardware. when appropiate )

\Local Support, Gothenburg

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by local support In reply to

OF course you should not disregard what the other guys have written.

Greetings got HAL 9000

\Local Support

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by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to Illegal copy of XP killed ...

My advice is to put the original HD back, set it as master and see if the system starts. Also check all connections on the motherboard etc. If you can get the system to boot I would boot up with the illegal copy of Microsoft. Supposing you now have a valid Product key you can call Microsoft, explain you had an invalid copy and give them the new product key. They will give you an activation code that will make the original install valid (provided they're both the same version of Windows XP).

Then add the new HDD as a slave and start copying stuff over on to it.

Be aware that many things could have happened when you put in the new harddrive. It is possible that you didn't ground properly and accidentally did ESD damage to the motherboard.

I CAN guarantee you that Microsoft did not kill your system. That would not only be illegal, but also pretty much impossible

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