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illegal music downloads, who is talking care of it???

By raghu ·
I own a digital media company and provide a central repository
of entertainment contents to distributors, typically network
operators, portals and customized applications. Mostly I have
digital representation rights which are exclusive in nature. These
rights encompasses every thing like ring tones, audio and video
on internet and mobile.

We have implemented DRM in a lot of environments. However, I
can still find people hosting my songs, ringtones an videos on
there websites and I feel really frustrated. It is getting lesser and
lesser as days pass by. But when ever I get a hot content, I then
see the real color of the world.

Can any one help me in this.

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You and everybody else!

by DC_GUY In reply to illegal music downloads, ...

The problem is that the internet was created by computer programmers. They see the benefits of connectivity and the "information infrastructure." But like all creative people, they tend not to see the dark side of their creation, particularly if it's something that would be more obvious to a person with a less than honorable frame of mind.

Think of the people who discovered nuclear fission and fusion, for the last millennium's most powerful example of this phenomenon.

The internet simply was not built with strong protection against theft, espionage, fraud, and simple mischief. You know how poorly the average IT project within a company is managed, and how many defects the resulting software usually has? The internet is the world's largest IT project. It is not managed AT ALL. No one wrote the requirements, no one declared that a certain level of security must be incorporated, no one tested it to see if it satisfied the needs of the people who use it. The internet is a patchwork of unplanned, un-managed artifacts that all trust each other because they have no other choice.

The only people who test the internet for the purpose of finding defects are the people who want to perform theft, espionage, fraud, and simple mischief.

Your data will not be safe from the theft you are suffering until it is protected by far more powerful security than is currently available.

1. The data must be encrypted -- using keys that cannot be broken by the government's Big Brother software and, therefore, by any well-funded hacker or criminal with a massively parallel processor.

2. You must have identification protocol that goes far beyond the "handshake" conventions of today's internet service providers. You need proof that the person who logs onto your website is the person he says he is. Even if the person is Mother Theresa, you need proof that her own software has not been compromised by viruses and worms. People like Mother Theresa are the ones who trust everybody and don't use anti-virus software.

3. You need more rigorous communication protocols that prevent people with legitimate access to your website from freely running around inside it looking for things to steal, or from installing software on it without your knowledge or consent that will send messages back to them when it finds something interesting. Mother Theresa won't do that, but almost everyone else you do business with might. Any government agency or government-regulated business you connect to is automatically under suspicion.

4. You need an operating system that was not designed in the 1980s for computers with 8080 chips and no telecommunications, and has been patched together ever since without totally removing all of the original defects. Without this, you have no way of knowing when a malicious hacker discovers a "wormhole" that has been inherited from Windows 98 and passed through three major upgrades without ever being detected or fixed.

In other words, the internet is Not Ready For Prime Time. Using the internet to conduct business is like using sailing ships to transport valuable cargo 300 years ago. You have absolutely no protection against pirates.

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