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Illegal operation

By bill_murray78 ·
Hello all,
WIn 98, 64mb ram, 10Gb Hdd
Does anyone have a clear and definitave answer whether the phrase you have performed an illegal operation on screen constantly on pc booting up?is Memory, to many programs running multitasking ect.

Regards bill

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by dmiles In reply to Illegal operation

The message means that the program in question is having a problem. The "illegal operation" designation covers a wide range of errors, and it may take some time, patience and troubleshooting to pinpoint the cause.

The most common causes of an illegal operation include a problem between that program and a software driver in your operating system or a memory-management problems between the program and one open in the background.

Problems and conflicts with different dynamic-link library files, or D.L.L.'s, that are added to your system when you install software programs can also cause illegal operation errors. Hardware conflicts, defective RAM chips and program bugs can also cause the error.

To pinpoint the cause, ask yourself some questions: Has this program always worked but is now crashing out of the blue? Has anything, like new hardware devices or software, been added lately? If you can trace the advent of the problem to a specific event, it may help narrow down the likely suspects.

The System File Checker, Version Conflict Manager and Dr. Watson utilities included in Windows 98 might help you track the source of your problem.
To find these programs, go to the Start menu, then to Programs, Accessories and System Tools. Open the System Information program and look under the Tools menu to find the utilities.

The System File Checker can restore damaged system files, while Dr. Watson records what your computer was doing when it crashed and may offer suggestions as to why. The Verson Conflict Manager keeps a tab on which system files were updated or replaced during a software or hardware installation.

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by Ann777 In reply to Illegal operation

If this is happening on boot, it can only be one of two things:

1) There is an invalid line in config.sys or autoexec.bat (the line is either calling a program that does not exist any longer, or the line is not configured properly).


2) There is an invalid line in the registry (run or runonce area of windows registry) or windows *.ini files (or the startup folder) that is calling a program that no longer exists or is not configured properly.

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by jgrant58 In reply to Illegal operation

I contacted the Computer manufacturer on this problem & they told me it was in the Registry.
I would have to go in the registry and make some changes. That's out of my reach.

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by miraclman2003 In reply to Illegal operation

If I can get the number that comes with the error I can give you a diffinitive answer to what the problem is. When 98 makes an error it will give you a very long number, next time that happens write the number down and send it to me..

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