I'm a first year I T student, and have a dificult time with subnet masking,

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Given a network of and a bulding with the following netowrk layout:
?Floor 1 - 10 Users
?Floor 2 - 20 Users
?Floor 3 - 8 Users
?Floor 4 - 37 Users
Use CIDR to determine:
?The Network Address
?The number of Hosts and their addresses
?The Broadcast Address
?Subnet Mask in both Dotted Decimal Notation and standard 4 octect format.

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by oldbaritone In reply to I'm a first year I T stud ...

1) Hit the books and study

2) try using (FF FF FF F0) as the mask for floor 1


4) You need to struggle through it in class, but in the "real world" you'll probably never have subnets this small. Most likely, you'd subnet the building and leave it at that. ;-)

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What part

by Brenton Keegan In reply to I'm a first year I T stud ...

What part are you having a difficult time with? You need to be specific as to what concept you are trying to understand

Simply posting your homework assignment gives the impression that you just expect us to do it for you. We're not going to do that but we will try to help you understand something that you're struggling with.

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