I'm a student and need help setting up a network.

By tonyawalden ·
how do i write up an propose for a small tax office that need 11Pc,a file server,router,printer, switch,and ups with 40 feet from switch.

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by sergiogasargey In reply to I'm a student and need he ...

What is the question?

What aspects of setting up the network do you require? Floor plan? Addressing scheme? Hardware specifics?

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by pankaj027 In reply to wut?

i want to set up a network in my office with 100 users.There are 50-60 desktops,20-30 laptops,2 printers.I want users to access internet on desktops and laptops using WAP.Can u suggest me floor plan,addressing scheme,hardware specifics?how many hubs or switches needed and of which model?how much it will cost?

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by sergiogasargey In reply to wut?

pankaj027, This forum shouldn't be about helping with homework or assignments. I'm more then happy to provide advice and tipbits of information to help other people learn, but giving you all the answers is what I get paid to do, not something I'm willing to give out for free to someone I don't know anything about

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by jwlinson In reply to I'm a student and need he ...

If I'm translating this properly, you're wanting to write up a proposal for a network install, maybe?

If that's the case, don't forget to figure in the cost of cabling, all hardware, all software, and configuration. Also check if the company will be hosting a website, an exchange server, anything requiring SQL, etc., and don't forget to think about security appliances, especially since it's a tax office. Too much personal info to overlook that one.

Sit down with the client, make a list of everything you think they'll need, then ask about additional software or hardware they'll need, etc. It'll be a better impression if you think ahead about what they need to make a more thorough quote, than if you don't plan and wind up having to say "um, we'll also need this. And this. And..."

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Are you asking us to do your homework for you?

by SKDTech In reply to I'm a student and need he ...
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by sergiogasargey In reply to Are you asking us to do y ...

I too was wondering this

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by tonyawalden In reply to I'm a student and need he ...


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i'll take a crack at it

by gdeangelis In reply to I'm a student and need he ...

Start by searching online for rfp for IT projects to get a feel for what is out there.
While most of this is available online and probably better written, here goes. Keep or toss based on your requirements and the amount of work you want to put into it.

Start by stating the project, and laying out the requirements and the parameters. You will want to include costs, resilliency, redundancy, available budget and constraints, such as time, floor plan, distances, and so on. Include, growth and expansion on each line item. Include where the budget and project will stray. For example, if the cabling budget is 10k and that isn't going to work because you need plenum rated cabling, state that. If you have 5k for switches and it is going to be more or less, include that. Include requirements for ups runtime. State why each was selected. You may want to include an executive summary for the folks signing the purchase order. Would not want to bore them with too many details. But for the technical folk, you may want more detail, like mean time between failure for devices, or track records/references for the cabling vendor.
You may want to add in operational costs for years 2 and 3, based on current service contracts. I know this is just an exercise, but the goal should be to accomodate everything in the requirements and allow for growth without incurring more capital expense. But, and this is where you can shine, show that in the unlikely event that the system needs to grow, show and explain how your design and selected components will accomodate the growth without issue. Maybe one of the requirements is that the whole network needs to be moved in 6 months. Make the proposal fit that by putting everything in a rack on wheels and state that it all can move. In this case, you can state that the cabling has to stay. Put yourself in the building managing the project from start to finish.
In simple form, you can then attack each as a bullet.
Project Cost should not 123$
Proposed project total: 123$
Requirement: Gigabit speed to 11 pcs.
Proposed: 2 24 port cisco 2960-s switches, half on each, allowing for growth and if one fails, all can be connected to the other.
Requirement: Structured cabling to 11 pc's, 1 server, various network devices. Firepatch will be used in accordance with local and state codes etc.
Proposed: ACME cabling will provide 30 cables, two to each station, 4 to the server location, and 4 to the printer area, all run in wiremold, terminated to each station with spares for growth. All cabling will be tested, certified and documented with a report provided at job end.
Requirement: Server for tax program x. See attached requirements.
Proposed: Will meet requirements with server xyz from company abc. Backup solution provided by 123. Growth will be accomdated by sizing system to x% over specs from software company.
Requirement: ups, must allow for x minutes/hours of interrupted service
Proposed: UPS model xyz will allow for x run time during a power outage, user replaced batteries, etc. Maybe you want two ups for a redundancy requirement.
Requirement: power
Proposal: company xyz will provide grounded outlets and so on
Requirement: router
Proposed: router xyz chosen for abilities for now and future, upgrade capability, installed base, support options
Requirement: 4 hour service
Proposed: all vendor hardware has 24x7, 365 service and can ship replacement parts within 4 hours
You may want to include mocked up vendor selection sheets showing they are insured and how long they have been in business. You may also want to include spec sheets on your proposed hardware solution to go at the end of the document. Its up to you how detailed you want to be, based on your requirements. Let me know if this helps.

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are you all set or?

by gdeangelis In reply to I'm a student and need he ...

did my post help at all?

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