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I'm appealing for donations..

By Shellbot ·
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for anti-wrinkle cream, blue rinse, and dentures..

After my 2 week holiday in France (turns out I'm not much of a camper..) i returned to ireland in torretial rain and several missed calls from canada.. upon returning those calls i recieved the news that my daughter is with-child.

I'm over the initial shock now..I must be as I can see a slightly funny side to being a granny..

what the heck..who else is a granny..or grammpy??

I'm too young for this

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to I'm appealing for donatio ...

I'm staying away from anti-wrinkle cream. I'm determined that if I live long enough I'll be the scary 'witch lady' on the block.

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by shasca In reply to Personally

Get more cats too.

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At my last class reunion

by jdclyde In reply to I'm appealing for donatio ...

I pulled out pics of my kids, while others pulled out pics of their grand kids.

I said to them "Wow, glad I am not old enough to be a grand parent!"

If you want, next time I swing by the nursing home to visit Gram and Gramp I can swipe someones walker so you will have one for The Gathering!

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thats the prob JD

by Shellbot In reply to At my last class reunion

i'm NOT old enough

i'll be 34 in a couple weeks

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Looking at the bright side

by jdclyde In reply to thats the prob JD

how many people will get the option to see their grandkids have kids? A good chance of getting the old 4 or 5 generations into a single picture.

I have one pic like that when I was young. Me and my bro, my mom, her mom (my gram), and HER mom (my great gram).

There is ALWAYS a bright side, just have to look past some of the crap to see it sometimes.

At least she is in Canukville, so medical is not going to be one of the worries.

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I can relate...I'm 32

by Forum Surfer In reply to thats the prob JD

Believe it or not, it is fairly common for young ladies such as yourself to find themselves a grandmother so don't feel bad.


Dating at 32 is awkward. I don't look my age so dating women in their mid twenties (or early 20's if i was less unscrupulous) is not a problem. Likewise dating women from my age to mid 40's is ok since they usually seem comfortable after they card me. My lunch date (discovered those are good pre date screenings, lol) yesterday was 25, never been married and never had kids.

My lunch date today is 39. She and her daughter married very early in life so she has a granddaughter that is the same age as my son. While it isn't very strange, it does tend to make conversation a little awkward at times!

Single at 30ish is a stressful affair, I see why guys have midlife crises!

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Coffee shops

by jdclyde In reply to I can relate...I'm 32

better than lunch. Much easier to talk to someone if you don't have food in your mouth.

Usually quieter there as well, and MUCH more relaxed.

If you drink tea instead of coffee, when/if you get that goodbye kiss, you won't have coffee breath! ]:)

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I'm more of a guy's guy

by Forum Surfer In reply to Coffee shops

I detest coffee shops. If I can't convince her over lunch to go to the gun range with me sometime she needs to go anyway.


Food in your mouth is a fact of life. I?m a good judge of chemistry and I?d prefer things to not be perfect as in at a coffee shop. No, I need lunch breath and everything. Plus I'm not shy so people being around, even co workers bothers me none what so ever, so if she doesn't feel the same it won't work out anyway.

They usually like it when you tell them you?re about to steal that first kiss and get it out of the way so it isn?t so awkward, even while you?re eating. Works for me even when chewing on some pollo fiesta salad at a Mexican restraint, not 30 minutes ago.

-insert evil laugh here-

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Crowds and such

by jdclyde In reply to I'm more of a guy's guy

was not my issue. Not having to talk over others is what I like (slight nerve damage, background noise really is a ***** for me.)

I consider myself a non-girlyman, but still love a nice coffee shop as long as it isn't a starphucks or a pretentious yuppy hangout. Take my boys all the time. B-)

Gun range, looking to renew my membership next week. Of course, have to start reloading rounds again to be able to afford to shoot. ;\

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by santeewelding In reply to Crowds and such

Whip me up some .458 WM AP, will you. I'm running low.

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